Groom Answering 15 + 6 = 17, This Woman Cancels Her Marriage

Woman Cancels Her Marriage

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Usually someone decides to cancel the marriage because their spouse is caught having an affair. But, this Indian woman chose to cancel her marriage because her partner could not answer simple mathematical problems.

A bride from Rasoolabad, a village located in the industrial city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, reportedly left her own wedding ceremony after the groom failed to answer simple math questions. As reported by World of Buzz, the groom cannot answer correctly the sum of numbers.

“How much is 15 plus 6 ?,” asked the bride.

“17,” said the groom.

The bride initially doubts whether to go or stay married when the groom gives the wrong answer. However, in the end the bride decides to cancel the wedding.

The marriage was apparently arranged marriage between the two families. The father of the bride, Mohar Singh agreed to his daughter’s decision. He also blamed the groom’s family for not being transparent with them about his son’s education level.

“The groom’s family is hiding information about his poor education. Children can easily answer this question,” Mohar Singh said.

When deciding to cancel the wedding, the groom’s family tries to persuade him to return and continue the marriage. However, the bride’s mind was unanimous, and claimed not to marry a man who lied about the level of education he had achieved.

Local authorities were then summoned to the scene to mediate the situation between the two families. Both parties agreed to return all gifts and jewelry given in return for arranged marriages.

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