Ways To Make Luck Always Come To You

Ways To Make Luck Always Come To You
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Not everyone has “luck” in his life. Although the person has an intelligent brain, he still has to work hard to achieve what he wants. Unlike the case with people who are always “lucky” in their lives.

People like this do look ordinary. However, he can achieve his desires which are sometimes seen by others as impossible. That’s because God gave him a “fortune” in his life. God knows that he is a good person towards himself and others.

For those who feel less or less fortunate in their lives, here are ways for luck to be present in your life.

1. Improve your relationship with your God

Luck is something God gives to his creatures. So, improve your relationship with Him. Start living what is your duty in religion and leave things that God forbids. Pray every time, because it’s the same when you ride a bicycle. The stronger you pedal, the faster you get to your destination. As with prayer, whatever wish you ask of course God will give. Of course desire in a good thing.

2. Not Only with God, Improve Your Relationship with Others

Not only with your God, you also need to improve relationships with others. Especially with parents and relatives. Apologize when you intentionally or unintentionally make mistakes. Although you have a good relationship with your God, but not with humans. Of course “luck” won’t come to you. This is because because of the hurt you made towards them. So, hurry up and apologize to everything you feel makes him hurt, especially parents.

3. Turn “Sharing” Activities Into Daily Activities

If we are in a “roomy” state, sharing with others is common. It’s different when we are in a “narrow” situation and we still want to share with others. Believe that luck will come on its own. This is because God sees our goodness when we are in distress, but on the other hand we are still sharing with others. So, start getting used to sharing with others when in the field both broad and narrow.

4. Help others when he is in trouble

If you feel unable to share in terms of “finance”, you can share with others in other matters. For example, you can share the information you have with people who need it. You can share in “physical” form, you can help disaster victims or the like who need a human power. Surely, when you face life’s difficulties, God will give your luck through the people who will come to help you.

5. Say Your Gratitude Every Time, Anytime, and Anywhere

One of the things that is so easy to do and makes our lives better is to express gratitude. However, we often forget to give thanks when we are feeling happiness. Instead, we often curse when we are feeling sadness. In fact, behind the happiness and sadness we get, there is a lesson given by God.

Life lessons that can make our lives better, day after day. Begin to get used to saying thanksgiving under any circumstances. Believe me, your gratitude will make good luck come in your life.

That’s the 5 ways for luck to come to you. Live with sincerity, and luck will come to you 🙂

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