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Tricks to Improve Game Performance on Android Phones

Improve Game Performance on Android Phones
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Playing games on a slow cellphone? Will definitely reduce the excitement and fun. You might even be emotional because your cellphone lags frequently.

Indeed, as the number of downloaded applications, photos, videos and other content increases, your Android phone can slow down.

For everyday use, maybe this problem is not enough to interfere. But if it’s been used to play games, it definitely doesn’t feel good and hinders your playing performance. Well, you can try some of these ways.

Restart your mobile regularly

Restarting the phone will help clear all cache files stored in RAM. This method will also help improve overall cellphone performance.

Remove or turn off bloatware and applications that are not used

Removing bloatware (default application) and applications that are not already used help save space. And because they are still running even if they are not used, removing them will also save space on RAM.

Activate the 4x MSAA Option

Enabling this feature allows Open GL 2.0 to support games and applications to provide better performance. Follow the steps below to activate it.

Open ‘Settings’> ‘About Phone’> ‘Software Information’> tap ‘Build number’ until you see ‘You are developer now’> go back to ‘Settings’> tap ‘Developers Option’> search for ‘Turn on 4x MSAA’ option ‘then activate.

For the record, activating this option will make the battery run out quickly. So, make sure you turn it off again and finish playing the game.

Use booster apps

Most smartphones today are equipped with a series of settings to improve game performance. By activating it, it will automatically improve device performance by ‘putting to sleep’ background applications that are running and providing more hardware resources for the game.

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