Tips on Documenting (Photo) Ghost Appearance

Tips Documenting ghost appearance

Tips Documenting ghost appearance

Ghost hunting or ghost sighting is a fairly challenging activity carried out by some people who have the guts to look for or document ghost sightings through the camera. Although it seems trivial, but if you do not know the tips, hunting often does not get satisfactory results. There are some basic things or tips that ghost hunters need to know in order to get the best possible ghost sighting phenomenon in a photo. The first thing you should realize is that phenomena of ghosts do not always appear, even when they are present. Taking photos during the day, it is usually more difficult to capture the phenomenon of ghost sightings, so it is better to take photos at night with flash lights or in areas with dim lighting giving more opportunities for us to capture something ..

Digital cameras can be a great tool for ghost hunters, because they allow you to see photos immediately. Another advantage is that you will know right away if you have caught a ghost anomaly, allowing you to track it.

The following are useful tips:

#Tips 1

Ghosts are not just in old or haunted buildings. Ghosts are everywhere in one form or another. So it is possible for us to hunt ghosts in shopping centers or at busy intersections at night.

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When you take pictures at night, for example in graves and other haunted places, make sure you set the camera for night mode. If your camera has this setting it can be used, because if not, it is very likely the photo will be dark or unclear.

#Tips 3

Always photographing something and not just just looking at the camera display. Take photos with backgrounds such as gravestones, trees, buildings, etc.

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Take lots of pictures, taking any photo will allow you to capture ghost or anomalous sightings, you will never know.

#Tips 5

When taking a photo, be sure to avoid sparkling surfaces. The glossiness of glossy tombstones or glass panels and others can cause anomalies that can look like ghosts, fog and ball shapes, and never try to shoot through window panes, because they can often create shapes that don’t really exist.

#Tips 6

Make sure your camera lens is clean at all times. Dirty lenses can cause image anomalies to occur, try to keep the lens clean.

#Tips 7

If you have long hair, be sure to tie it. Hair can also look like anomalous ghosts. Hair strains can look like movements or ghostly energy.

#Tips 8

Avoid taking photos when conditions are windy, foggy, rainy and dusty. All of these conditions can cause images to look like ghostly anomalies.

#Tips 9

In cold weather, make sure your breath does not affect the results of the photo. Blowing air in cold weather can appear in front of the lens to create all kinds of strange images including fog shapes.

#Tips 10

The condition called “Lens Flair” produces strange effects on your photos. To avoid this, do not take photos toward the sun. Also never take pictures in the direction of a direct light source.

#Tips 11

Talk to ghosts. When you enter the area that you want to photograph, such as a cemetery, follow these steps: Walk around the area for about 15 minutes before doing anything else. When you walk around, clear your mind, keep away from fear, because ghosts can feel your feelings. After 15 minutes, read the following statement or something similar, for example: “Assalamu’alaikum .. I’m Budi, our purpose in coming here is to photograph you as a spirit to show and document that there is life after death. We only have good intentions, we don’t we are here to hurt, we are here only to take photos and then we will go away Our desire is only to take pictures of you all of you Help us to show ourselves in the photos we take We will start shooting now, help us to look at the photos we took. ” Then take all the photos that you think you need, and at the last moment when you took the photo, say it again for the last time, “In a few moments we will leave, and we are very grateful for every photo of your appearance that you have allowed us to have, Goodbye.”.

#Tips 12

Most of the ghost’s energy will appear in the air from a distance of half a meter to three meters above the ground. So, focus your attention on that level but still don’t limit yourself completely. Ghost phenomena sometimes appear above your head, and in buildings they can appear at any level of structure and height.

#Tips 13

It is possible that you might face an evil spirit. Never plan to hunt for evil spirits and NEVER ask them to come. If you hear or see signs of an evil spirit, you must leave immediately.

#Tips 14

Avoid mirrors or even shoot directly in front of a mirror. The camera flash can create a variety of effects including steam and fog.

#Tips 15

Try to follow your instincts when taking ghost photos. If you have a certain tendency or have a strong desire or instinct to take photos in a certain area or on a particular object, do it.

#Tips 16

Ghosts are quite often attracted to people and will follow them. So include the person in the photo you took. When photographing people, try to make enough space left and right and above the person’s head to capture the anomaly that exists. Remember the goal is to capture the anomaly that is with the person in the photo. Another tip that is used when ghosts may follow you is to place the camera on your shoulder and take a picture behind you. This can be an effective technique, believe me.

#Tips 17

The best time to catch ghost sightings is in the cold, humid, or watery months, when the electrostatic energy is at its highest level. These months are October to February. You can catch any type of ghost at any time of the year, but the months mentioned above will increase your chances. But for the sighting of Orbs, it doesn’t seem to be affected by the season and is by far the easiest anomaly to capture in a photograph.

#Tips 18

Flash lights are only useful to a certain distance, usually not more than 5 meters. So if you are in the grave at night and take pictures of objects that are 10 meters away, the images and anomalies that will be difficult to see. The flash will help highlight anomalies if the image of an object is within a range of 5 meters.

#Tips 19

The best place to take photos or hunt for ghosts is a place that is generally more haunted than others, for example graves, old buildings, hotels and old houses, hospitals, schools, etc. Other good places are the cinema and also the historic part of town.

#Tips 20

Don’t forget to look at your old photos and photo albums to look back at the possibility of ghost or anomalous apparitions that you might have missed.

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