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The Problem of Matters Pertaining to Labour in Indonesia

Problem of Matters Pertaining to Labour in Indonesia
Indonesia saves some problems of matters pertaining to manpower which involves the sector of social, economy, politic, law, humanity, and others. Those problems are handled by Department of Labour and Transmigration.
Now, we will discuss some problem of matters pertaining to manpower in Indonesia in details. Th problems embrace the number of labour, the quality of labour, the spread of labour, and the rate of unemployment.

The Number of Labour

The number of labour in Indonesia keep increasing as Indonesian population grows rapidly. As you know, the growth of Indonesian population expands at full speed. So, the number of the labour fast develops. In 2000, Indonesian population is more than 200 million, while the number of the labour is about more than 135 million. Such a condition needs the spread of the field of work. In contrary, the field of work grows in a little number. As the consequence, the number of the unemployment gets increased particularly, the open employment.

The Quality of Labour

Most of Indonesian labour possesses low level education and insufficient skills and ability. The young labour that has just been graduated from school or university mostly do not have the capability and experience yet to enter the world of work. It can be stated that Indonesia labour has low quality. Such condition drives the coming of some effects as follows.
  1. The Indonesian labour is not ready yet to encounter the global human resources competition. Those who are able to be a winner in the global competition of the globalization era are those who possess high quality and high competitiveness.
  2. The low quality of the labour leads to the low work productivity and make natural resources hard to manage whereas Indonesia saves abundant natural resources. Because of the low quality of the labour, all natural resources cannot be utilized effectively and in efficient.
  3. The Indonesia labour is not ready yet to enter the field of work while most companies need only a ready-to work and qualified labour. So, the increasing of the labour every year cannot be develop. As the result, the rate of unemployment is rising.

The Spread of Labour

The spread of the labour in Indonesia is not evenly distributed. The accumulation of the labour occurs in a densely populated island, such as Java while, some other areas, especially isolated areas, are lack of labour. Such condition raises some effects as follows.
  1. The hard problem of unemployment is accumulated in Java.
  2. The obstructed developing in some isolated areas because of the lack of the labour.
  3. The abundant potential natural resources in other areas out of Java are not utilized yet in effectively because of the lack of the labour.

The Rate of Unemployment

It had been explained before that the number of unemployment get increased every year. Such condition is caused by the following factors.
  1. The great numbers of the labour are not in accordance with the extension of sufficient field of work.
  2. The labour who does not have high qualification and skills or capability needed by the world of work tends to be unemployment.
  3. The unemployment are not able to run the private enterprise and to make field of work. They do not have capital, skills, perseverance, tenacitu, and courage.
  4. The labour does not spread evenly in Java. It leads un the unempoyment accumulation in Java.

The rate of unemployment is called also by the level of unemployment. It is calculated by the following formula.
The example to calculate the rate of unemployment.
In 2009 the number of the labour force in Y country is about 74,415,456 and the number of unemployment (the work seeker) is about 2,411,397. How many rate of unemployment is in Y country in 2009!
Besides the rate of unemployment in general, you can calculate the rate of unemployment based on the level of education.
In 2009, the number of the labour force of elementary school graduate in Y country is about 23,275,150 and the number of unemployment of elementary school graduate is about 586,455. How many rate of unemployment is of elementary school graduated in 2009?

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