Economic Activity

The Needs According to the Importance Level, Time, and Characteristic

Every day human beings conduct economic action. Why do they conduct the economic action? The answer is to fulfill the needs. Therefore, before studying economic action, you need to have knowledge about type of the needs.
There are many human lives the needs that can be distinguished into three types that are the needs according to the importance level, time, and characteristic.

The Needs according to the Importance Level
The needs according to the importance level is distinguished into basic the needs and additional the needs.
1) Primary Needs
Primary needs or basic needs are the needs that absolutely have to be fulfilled to keep human survive. There are five kinds of primary needs.
a) Food and Drink
Human beings absolutely need food and drink. Without eating and drinking, human being cannot live.
people eat
Eating is basic the needs for every people via Limitless
b) Clothes
Human being will remain live although without clothes. However, there will be a lot of difficulty to face of, if human being does not wear clothes, because clothes have function to protect the body from bad nature condition or cold and hot weather. Human being without clothes will be suffering, as he will be ashamed if he associates with the others.
c) House
House is a residence for human being. House is also as a place to take shelter in and have a rest. What will happen if people do not have the house? Some one who does not have the house is called homeless. It means do not have residence, shelter, and place to have a rest. As a result, that people will suffer and get difficulty in his life.
d) Education
In former time, education did not represent the basic (primary) needs. Now education comes to the basic needs because education is useful for fulfilling development demand. Education is also needed to face the competition, which is getting strict in all sector, includes economic sector. Education is a foothold is life in the rising status. Nowadays, uneducated person will find difficulties in his life.
Health is very importance for human being. Someone who always has problem with his health will suffer and find difficulties in life.
2) Additional/Secondary Needs
Additional (secondary) needs is differ from the basic need; it is not absolutely have to be fulfilled. Secondary the need is only as complement of the basic needs. It certainly will be better if additional needs are met. However, it does not matter if we cannot fulfill it. Unfulfilled secondary needs will not inhibit human being’s life. Additional (secondary) the needs can be divided into two kinds that is ordinary additional needs and additional needs for extravagance. Here are the examples of ordinary additional needs: desk, cupboard, bag, radio, and vehicle. These are the examples of additional needs for extravagance: luxurious car, internet and air conditional.
Additional needs for luxury
Additional needs for luxury via Fast Furious 5
What will happen if someone cannot obtain secondary the needs for extravagance? He will not find difficulties in passing off his life. According to the characteristic, luxurious goods are used to affluence. Luxurious goods have function to raise self-esteem of the owner. People usually feel his self-esteem growing high if he possesses luxurious goods.
The Needs according to the Time
These needs are distinguished into two kinds, namely present needs and future needs.
1) Current Needs
Current needs is the needs, which must be fulfilled right at this moment. If someone cannot fulfilled it will cause serious impact.
a) Aman is starving. He certainly needs something to eat. If he cannot find something to eat, he will starve.
b) Somebody is so thirsty that she needs something to drink. If she cannot get something to drink, she will die.
c) Somebody get serious disease. He needs medicine. He will die if he cannot obtain the medicine.
d) A woman wears rag and crumpled clothes. She needs new clothes. If she cannot get it she will get trouble to get in touch with other people for she will be ashamed to go out.
Actually, food, drink, medicine, and clothes in this case include in current needs.
2) Future Needs
Future needs are necessities that do not have to be fulfilled at this moment. It differs from the present needs. The future need can be met any time, it does not have to be met at this moment. For example, old day guarantee the needs, its accomplishment is not needed now, but later after people become old. Thus, the accomplishment of future is still long. The example of the need to come is the needs of saving some earnings. Saving useful for the assurance of the future. Saving can be done with various kinds of forms, for example, in the form of tabanas (tabungan pembangunan nasional/saving the national development) and deposits.
Saving to fulfill the needs for future
Saving to fulfill the needs for future via
We live not only for now, but also for the future. Therefore, we must tend to be needs met now or in the future.
Needs according to the Characteristic
According to the character, need is divided into two kinds, namely corporeal/physical need and spiritual need.
1) Corporeal Need
Corporeal need is requirement to fulfill physical needs such as food and drink, clothes, accessories, and sport equipment.
Body needs food and drink for the strength, health, and growth. How is the physical condition of some one who is insufficient food and drink?
Clothes are needed to protect body from heat and chilled. Thus, clothes are useful to keep the body health. How about if someone let the body heat or chilled?
Jewelry is also needed for the sake of physical needs. Someone wants to beauty herself and her physical condition by wearing jewelry.
Everybody wants to have healthy body. Therefore, people need exercise. To do exercise some one needs sport equipment. That is why sport equipment by human being to keep their body health.
2) Spiritual Need
Spiritual need is requirement for the sake of spiritual necessity, such as entertainment, art, knowledge book, and worship.
a) Some time when our spirit run down, we come to hotspot to get over our weakness.
b) Art is able to make some thing seem beautiful. This beautiful feeling us comfort and happy.
c) Progressive and big nation always is eager to have knowledge as much as possible. Having sufficient knowledge satisfies our spiritual. Therefore, knowledge book become one of our spiritual requirements.
d) Human being spirit ha not been peaceful before giving himself up to God completely. To do this, human being does worship. By running religious service, human being can get peacefulness of soul. Therefore, it is become spiritual the needs for everyone.
It is hard to fulfill the needs. However, we must attempt to fulfill most of the needs. Some one can reach prosperity if he.she is able to fulfill most of the needs. Either primary or secondary the needs, not only present time, but future physical and spiritual as well.

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