The Government’s Role to Overcome the Problems of Labour

Problems of Labour
The more expanding population that is not equalized with the extension of the work opportunity leads to bad effect to social and country environment. By Department of Labour and Transmigration, the government attempt to solve the problem. In order to obtain the best solution of the problem, the government requires private and society’s support.
The government’s attention towards the effect of unemployment to the security of social environment is indicated by some wise measures as follows.

Raising the Labour Quality

The labour quality can be improved by these following steps.
  • Make an effort to bring an education development into reality in order to deliver qualified labour. For example, establishing renew curriculum of education.
  • Organize the work training to provide sufficient skills and abilities in accordance with the demand of the world of work.

Extending the Field of Work

It can be realized by following ways.
  • Support and motivate some private enterprises.
  • Establish full work projects.
  • Develop program of transmigration.
  • Provide large opportunity to the Indonesia labour to go work abroad.
  • Provide information of job vacancy by Department of Labour and Transmigration, government’s offices, and mass media.
  • Establish new industrialization that enable the labour absorption.
  • Increase the developing of village areas.

Controlling Population

Controlling population in order to lessen the rapid growth of population can be run by intensifying family planning program.

Overcoming the Bad Effect Of Unemployment towards Social Environment Security

It can be carried out by the following measures.
  • Raising economic development.
  • Increasing the improvement of society’s nutrition and health.
  • Providing some aids to society. For example, food subsidy to some village areas.
  • Increasing security and means of judicature system to decrease the rate of criminality.
Beside the government, other possible elements to concern on the effect of unemployment are society and the entrepreneurs. They hold the measures as follows.
  1. The entrepreneurs raise the effort of investation, extensification, and diversification to absorb new labour.
  2. The project of agro tourism in Banyuwangi. Besides running the agro tourism, the entrepreneurs take some efforts to improve society;s skills and abilities by holding a guide training regularly, developing art small houses, and give some opportunities for schools to send the students to have a hotel work practice in the project of agro tourism.
The government, society, and the entrepreneurship had paid their interest fully to the effect of unemployment in the social environment. What is your opinion? Don’t you want to give the same attention? Try to implement your attention toward the effect of unemployment to the security social environment! You absolutely have to make it in accordance with your capability.
  1. Taking a part in the system of environment security in the living areas.
  2. If your father was an entrepreneur, take some positive learning from him of how he established the work opportunities in the future.
  3. Collecting some funds to help the orphan as the victims of the effect of unemployment.

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