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The Elaboration of Creative Idea In Economic Action to Achieve Independence and Welfare

The Elaboration of Creative Idea In Economic Action to Achieve Independence and Welfare

Power of creativity and innovation is the means or capital to independent. Independent means not to cleave to other people. Independent people will be able to overcome difficulties of his life. It is necessary to train independence as early as possible. Therefore, you need to take a note of the following.

1. Concentrate your attention on the your Strength to Complete your Job.
Everyone has strength and weakness. Take advantage of your strength to train your independece. Do not under estimate your potential. Even the smallerst of any potential is very userful for indepencent living.
2. Practice for Facing the Next Job
There are many jobs await you. Do the jobs with a vengeance.
3. Choose the job you like most
By selecting the job you like most, you can enjoy the job.

4. Combine Perseverance and Potential.
By preseverance and potential, you will reach maximum and satisfying product.
5. Define the Goal.
You should always think, “what success do I want to achieve with this job?”
6. Elaborate your Self-Confidence
To live independently, you need to have self-confidence. WIth self confidence you will not hesitate to step ahead towards independence.
7. Willing to Take any Risks
Every job has risks. If you have fear to take a risk before you do something you will not achieve independence.
To welcome the future, you can occupy many fields from now on. It is only technology, but arts, craft, and sports as well. You can start to open up many jobs right now.. Start from a small thing first. You can also develop Creative ideas in the economic field. For example, practice to repair motorcycle, television, video, to sew, and to run small businesses. Many successful people to started their business from a small one.
To get opportunity for employment in the 21st century, it is important that you must not be shy, be diligent, be creative, persevere, have wide knowledge and dare to risk. If you have those behaviors, you will not find difficulty to get a job. Even, it is possible that you will be able to create employment. Thereby, you can achieve not only independence but prosperity for your self and the community. as well.
Try to choose one of job that you can finish it by yourself in accordance with your talent.
  1. Composing short stories, novels, simple scientific articles, travel reports, reviews of regional tour, illustrated stories, or the other article. Send your work to one of magazines. There are many magazines for children at the junior high school. If the publisher refuses your work or it cannot be printed at once, do not give up. Try again until you get success.
  2. If you feel that you have talent, try to compose a song. Try to sing your song together with your friends.
  3. If you are chosen as the management member of school cooperative do your job sincerity and diligently for business practice.

The three suggestions above are just simply examples. Of course, you can choose other jobs according to your ability. The key is try, do it diligently, and complete the job.

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