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The Behavior of Human being in Fulfilling their Needs

Human beings have many kinds of necessities. To fulfill their life necessities, human being work hard using both natural resource and human resource as well. Human beings in their working, do many kinds of behavior.
1. Farmers process nature resource such as soil by using tractor.
2. Miner enterprise exploits natural resource of mining by using sophisticated machine.
3. Doctor cures the patient by using his own human resources by medical science.
Can you give the other example? All those examples are human‘s deed to earn money or goods to meet his needs in his life.
Those are positive behavior of human being. Being force by necessity or supported by greediness, human being some times conducts negative behavior. For instance snatch, deceive, steal, robe, illegal logging, and corruption such behaviors include in criminality. The punishments of those actions are put in jail.
It has been explained that in real life, human beings have role as social and economic creature that have miral. In fulfilling their needs, human can not get the rid of both roles.
1. The raising price of fuel had increased cost production company. That made industrial sectors panic. They were forced to raise the selling price of their product. However, there were ceramic companies which manage to keep the cheap price image. The ceramic company learnt consumer sensitivity of the price so strong that he did not raise the price. He estimated the purchasing power of people were low, because of long economic crisis. Therefore he did not concern only with a profit oriented. He behaved as moral social creature who considered to society interest.
2. When earthquake take place in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and surroundings in the mid of the 2006, thousands of lives were lost. As social and economic creature that has moral, entrepreneurs, and all people did not ignore this tragedy. They did not stake on their activity to fulfill needs. Their consciousnesses were moved at the tragedy. They collected the fund to help the victims. Did you take a part with your school to help the victims too?
Entrepreneur social activity has carried out by giving aid to disaster are via
Besides moral factor, the effort to fulfill the needs, human beings are influenced by some factors as follows.
1. Natural Environment
Human needs are adapted with his natural environment. For example, people who live in lowland wear clothes made of thin material, whereas people who live in the mountainous area wear clothes from thick material.
2. Mode
People tend to have desire to fulfill the needs of having the newest mode. For example, design of house, clothes, and accessories are adjusted to the newest trend mode in society.
3. Civilization
Human needs are always up to date to the development of civilization. The highest of human’s civilization, the amount, various and quality are getting better. For example, at the beginning of independent, people didn’t need mobile phone at all, but at this moment such thing becomes a need focus.
4. Custom or Tradition
Custom of a region is different from others area. Each region has certain custom. The need of conducting traditional ceremony is necessary to be fulfilled.
Unusually villages in Java conduct a custom to clean the village. The needs to hold the ceremony of cleaning village are such as equipment of kenduri (ritual meal) and show are necessary to be fulfilled. Wedding ceremony of Javanese is different from the wedding ceremony of Sundanese. The needs to conduct wedding ceremony are different too.
Custom ceremony indonesia
Custom ceremony via
5. Religion
Religion is spiritual needs for human. Each religion have role of warship itself. The equipments of worship is different.
1) Moslem need mosque and Al-Qur’an.
2) Christian(S) needs church and Bible.
3) Hindustani need temple and Weda.
6. Occupation
Human are influenced by occupation or the way to earn living in fulfilling their needs. Plough, hoe, fertilizer, good quality of seed and irrigation are the needs which farmer wants to have dealing with their occupation. Boat, fish-net, and seine are requirements of fisherman based on his occupation.
Human's needs are influenced by the occupation
Human’s needs are influenced by the occupation via
7. Substitution Goods
If there is some significant raising price in certain goods people would like to use substitution goods which are cheaper. They want use to fulfill their need by using substitution goods. For example, the price of X soap goes up, people use Y soap.
8. Earnings
If someone income increased, he/she wants to have the need of things that he/she cannot buy at first. For example, Mr. Hasan’s income increased, he wants to have car.
9. Consumer Behavior
Consumer behavior influences human’s desire in fulfilling the needs. For example, people in Maluku and Papua have behavior to consume sagu. The other example, Mr. Ali is use to wearing long sleeve shirt.
10. Price of Goods and Service
If there is descend price of goods and service, people will get the needs of things or service that they haven’t got before. For example, if the price of television descends, people who haven’t been able to get the need of TV before will get the need.
11. Disaster
If there is disaster, both natural disaster and human‘s error, it will make people want to prevent it. Therefore, there is wishing to get tools to prevent the disaster such as a fire extinguisher car. For example, people needs fire engine.

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