The Beauty of Lake Kaolin in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

The beauty of Lake Kaolin in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia
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From a distance, white sand that looked like a barren desert hill was already visible. Even from the top of the plane when they were about to land, the blue lake view between the white sand like the refined sugar. Kaolin Lake, as the Bangka Belitung people call it.

Bangka Belitung is known as an archipelago that has many beaches. Not infrequently, tourists explore beaches and islands when they arrive in the city which is famous for its crackers. Especially after the film, Laskar Pelangi appeared at that time, what you have in mind is a beach with large rocks surrounding it.

But there are things you need to know from this Tin City guys. Bangka Belitung Province indeed has many hidden paradises for anyone who wants to visit it. But not just the beach, the city is deviating from many natural attractions that make you even more comfortable to linger here and of the many cities in the Pacific Islands, moving towards the City of Toboali which is about 125 kilometres from the city of Pangkal Pinang.

Toboali controls almost the entire coast in East Bangka. The trip to this city takes approximately one and a half hours by four-wheeled vehicles. To get here, you will be spoiled with views of the forest, palm plantations and coastline. Even you can also see the former mining which forms a beautiful white sand dune.

The origin of the lake

Attractions that will be discussed this time is Lake Kaolin. The former mining lake, which has two different colours, is located not far from the centre of Koba city. Just drive for 15 minutes, you can get to this location. From getting off the vehicle, this attraction does look ordinary like a former mine that has not been used for a long time.

By tracing the brownish-white sand field, to get close to this lake, you need to be careful. The reason is, the sand is quite slippery if you use it to run or walk too fast. By tracing the downhill path and assisted by wood for you to hold on to, the lake is more beautiful to be seen up close especially if you visit at the right time, before the afternoon when the sun has begun to shine shyly.

Kaolin Lake is one of the naturally occurring tourist attractions of a mining quarry. The lake which is said to be similar to the one in Iceland is located in Nibung Village, Koba District, Central Bangka, Bangka Belitung Province. This is a lake that has the colour of pure white land like snow and water that is light blue.

This lake does not originate from a mountain crater like the Ciwidey White Crater Lake in Bandung. The lake is formed from the former Kaolin mining site which has been abandoned by the local community. Occurs naturally and just like the previous excavation then forms a beautiful lake and can be enjoyed by many people.

Kaolin is a mineral

Kaolin itself is a mineral that is commonly used in the beauty industry, such as cosmetics. Not only that, but kaolin is also used in toothpaste, paper and others. Kaolin is widely used because of its smooth, white, durable, and low electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

In accordance with the name of the mining material in this lake, Lake Kaolin was formed from a former kaolin mining site that had been abandoned. The walls of the previous kaolin dig hole have a clean white colour, so it looks like snow stuck to the ground.

This lake is more charming when combined with turquoise blue water. The water that is contained in the holes from the kaolin mining site is estimated to come from rainwater and springs located at the bottom of the mining pit itself.

The lake contains turquoise blue water surrounded by white limestone. The water of this lake is turquoise blue because of the reflection of the sun’s rays at the bottom of the lake which has Kaolin wall.

Not only blue, but the other side of the lake also reflects a greenish colour. So to say this lake has two different colours at once, namely blue and green. When viewed from above, truly this lake exudes its natural beauty.

Kaolin Lake is a silent witness to the richness of the Belitung mine. The lake was formed from a broad niche formerly excavated kaolin which was heavily exploited in the region.

Swimming in Lake Makes Smooth Skin

Launch Pesona. Travel page, because it does not contain sulfur, many residents around the lake make the lake water for daily activities, such as bathing. According to some studies, swimming in water containing kaolin can absorb excess oil, and make skin smoother.

This condition makes the tourists who visit can not only enjoy the scenery but also can play or swim enjoying the freshwater of Kaolin Lake. However, the depth of the water on Lake Kaolin can reach 8 meters. Actually in the lake area is also not recommended to swim directly in the lake. So it’s better to enjoy the view of Kaolin Lake with just a photoshoot.

If you want to go to this place, you are free of charge. It’s just that we are required to maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and are prohibited from littering. Because there are many tourists who know the beauty of this place, so before the holiday or national holiday, usually Lake Kaolin is crowded.

What can be done there?

Surely many are wondering, what can be done in these attractions? Is it photographs and then go home? The answer, for now, is yes. Lake Kaolin Air Bara is visited by tourists at certain times, such as the long holiday season. Usually, tourists who come here also take a photo and then go home.

Not a few photographers also came here to take pictures of the beauty of the lake. Responding to this, the manager of the lake said that in a few weeks this location would be added to several tourist activities.

“Like playing water tourist attractions rowing a boat on a lake. The boat is already there, but it still needs some more preparation, “said Evo Isnanda, as the manager of the lake when he was met recently by MoneySmart.

“Currently, it is still in the stage of preparing the buoys. There are already seven ships that can be boarded by tourists later. For the tariff per 25 minutes, a fee of Rp. 20 thousand will be charged, “he added.

In addition to water rides, the manager will also prepare adequate lighting at these tourist sites. Because the lake that closes at 18:00 is not equipped with much lighting so that if the sun has set, the conditions will be dark.

Also will be made a park so that tourists who come can do other activities after enjoying the beauty of the lake. “If at this time tourists who come out of selfies, take photos and then go home, going forward we will make them more comfortable to linger here,” Evo added.

Entrance fee for this attraction

To enter here, you don’t need to spend a lot. It is enough to pay a cleaning levy of only IDR 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles, IDR 10,000 for buses, and IDR 2,000 for two-wheeled vehicles. “Indeed, there is currently no entrance ticket per head; because of that, there is still a lot that needs to be addressed. Probably going forward, “said Evo.

Kaolin Lake (blue kulong) is located in Nibung Village, Koba Subdistrict, Central Bangka Regency, and does not have open hours as usual. So you can come in the morning and evening. There are two choices if you want to get a good view, come in the morning or evening. When the sun has begun to fade or when it has just risen. It’s not recommended to go here during the day unless you want to overheat.

How to get to Kaolin Lake

Located in Nibung Village, Koba Subdistrict, Central Bangka Regency, it has access to a smooth and smooth journey if departing from Pangkal Pinang. The journey takes approximately 1 and a half hours. The travel time from Pangkal Pinang if without a bottleneck is about 1 hour 17 minutes along 68 Km.

Kaolin Lake is located not far from the Koba-Toboali Provincial Road. From there, you will pass another road of approximately 200 meters until you finally get to your destination. Before arriving there was an intersection of four which the local community called Simpang Bemban, not far from this intersection Lake Kaolin was located.

If you start the trip from Koba City, the travel time from Koba City if without a hitch is about 17 minutes along the 12 Km.

Flight ticket prices to Pangkal Pinang itself are also varied. You are starting from Rp. 600.000 to Rp. 1.2 million. If you want to arrive quickly, avoid the transit flights, ok?

Entered the 2019 Indonesian Charm Award

Having a unique attraction and different from others, Kaolin Lake is included as the 2019 Indonesian Charm Award (API). This lake is a mini tourist attraction in the form of a former mining pit and has existed since the 70s.

Entered as a nomination, the lake is considered different because it is a mining tourist attraction and deserves to be promoted. API itself is a series of annual activities held in an effort to arouse public appreciation for Indonesian tourism. API is also to encourage the participation of various parties, especially local governments, to put more effort into promoting tourism in their respective regions.

Now that was the beauty of Lake Kaolin which certainly makes you want to fly to Bangka Belitung right directly? No need to go far abroad first, in Indonesia, there are many exciting tourist objects to visit. Don’t forget; keep clean while travelling wherever you are! May be useful!

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