The beauty of Ketawai, an Uninhabited Island in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

The beauty of Ketawai, an Uninhabited Island in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia
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The sun is directly above the head. At that time, the weather was hot. The sun seems to show the most extraordinary performance in the waters. The blow of the waves on the speedboat that was hitchhiking also made the atmosphere quite hot at that time. For the sake of the global Ketawai Island, the high waves did not become an obstacle.

Being on a motorized fishing boat for about an hour with high waves will pay off if you have arrived on the island. The island was once inhabited by coconut farmers, so it is not surprising that inside the island there are many towering coconut trees.

But since the last few years, the island has been officially uninhabited. There are only two people who guard the island from being misused. With an area of   28 hectares, this island is suitable for you who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city crowd.

Located in Kurau Regency, Central Bangka you will be spoiled with neat rows of coconut trees along the island, soft white sand and very clear sea water.

From a distance, Ketawai Island looks like a green pie. Understandably, coconut trees thrive on this island and almost evenly along the coastline. Not only that, the gradation of the sea in dark blue, light blue, and green is very clear on the beach. It was a sight that spoiled the eyes.

If in general the beaches in the waters of Bangka Belitung and its surroundings contain granite rocks, not for beaches on this island. On this island, you won’t even find one granite. This different character is what often makes tourists addicted to playing water on the uninhabited island.

Activities that can be done on this island

Many things can be done on this uninhabited island. Even so, you won’t feel lonely here. The reason is, why many tourists who flocked to come despite not taking a short time.

1. Snorkeling
This island will not be complete without doing activities under the sea such as snorkeling. The clear water will not make it difficult for you to meet small fish around the island. Guaranteed, you will feel at home for long on this island. Of course you have to prepare the snorkeling gear yourself.

2. Camper
Not just sitting around enjoying the waves from the gazebo, some tourists can also camp or camp on this island. With your tent, hammock, and some other camping equipment you can spend the night on the beach. Even to spend the night here you won’t be charged a dime. As long as you keep it clean.

3. Swim
To the island certainly not complete without swimming in clear water. Even though the sun is blazing hot, swimming is still the choice of many tourists who come to Ketawai. No need to go far to the middle of the sea, swimming on the beach while playing with sand, it’s already quite fun.

4. Drinking Young Coconut
It doesn’t feel right when you visit the island without tasting the freshness of the coconut fruit. Especially on this island there are many coconut trees along the coastline. All you have to do is communicate with the guard to be able to sip deep pure head water along with the soft meat. Wow really interesting right?

How do you get to Ketawai Island?

Heading to this island isn’t difficult. If you come from Pangkal Pinang, you can take a bus or public transportation to the village of Kurau for Rp. 20 thousand per person. Take a rental taxi (a car like Avanza) to the village of Kurau for a fee of around Rp 150 thousand.

When you get to the village of Kurau, you just have to look for local fishermen, communicate with them if you want to go to Ketawai. Usually these fishermen will take you to the island with a round trip fare (PP) of Rp. 800 thousand per day with a capacity of only 10 passengers.

It’s good, if you go to Ketawai in the morning. When the waves are still calm and the weather is quite supportive. In addition, bring enough supplies because there are no merchants on the island.

At the end of the year, the island will be visited by yachts that are taking part in the sail activities. That’s when foreign tourist arrivals will increase compared to normal days.

So what do you guys do? Are you interested in a vacation to Ketawai Island in Central Bangka?

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