Star Constellation: Here Is the Complete List of 88 Constellations

Although the term constellation is more often used to define a star pattern seen in the night sky, the technical definition of this term refers to ‘an area in outer space’.

But this technical term is generally only used in a modern astronomical environment.

In everyday use, constellation still refers to the term to describe interesting patterns created by various celestial bodies, especially stars.

List of Constellations

According to modern astronomy, there are currently 88 constellations that have been recognized by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in 1992.

Here is a list of 88 constellations:

1. Andromeda
2. Antlia
3. Apus
4. Aquarius
5. Aquila
6. Fig
7. Aries
8. Auriga
9. Boötes
10. Caelum
11. Camelopardalis
12. Cancer
13. Canes Venatici
14. Canis Mayor
15. Canis Minor
16. Capricorn
17. Carina
18. Cassiopeia
19. Centaurus
20. Cepheus
21. Spark
22. Chamaeleon
23. Circinus
24. Columba
25. Coma Berenices
26. Corona Australis
27. Corona Borealis
28. Corvus
29. Crater
30. Crux
31. Cygnus
32. Delphinus
33. Dorado
34. Draco
35. Equuleus
36. Eridanus
37. Fornax
38. Gemini
39. Grus
40. Hercules
41. Horologium
42. Hydra
43. Hydrus
44. Indus
45. Lacerta
46. ​​Leo
47. Leo Minor
48. Lepus
49. Libra
50. Lupus
51. Lynx
52. Lyra
53. Mensa
54. Microscopium
55. Monoceros
56. Musca
57. Norma
58. Octans
59. Ophiuchus
60. Orion
61. Pavo
62. Pegasus
63. Perseus
64. Phoenix
65. Pictor
66. Pisces
67. Piscis Austrinus
68. Puppis
69. Pyxis
70. Reticulum
71. Sagitta
72. Sagittarius
73. Scorpius
74. Sculptor
75. Scutum
76. Serpens
77. Sextans
78. Taurus
79. Telescopium
80. Triangulum
81. Triangulum Australe
82. Tucana
83. Ursa Major
84. Ursa Minor
85. Vela
86. Virgo
87. Volans
88. Vulpecula

Not all popular constellations. Maybe many of us just heard for the first time.

The most popular constellations include 13 zodiac constellations (which are zodiac symbols), and several other constellations such as Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Andromeda, etc.

Popular constellations

About half of the 88 constellations above have been identified and recorded by ancient Greeks.

During this period, several constellations got their own place in Greek culture and other cultures, which contributed to its popularity.

Here are some of the most popular constellations:

1. Ursa Major – Big Bear

This constellation can be seen in the northern sky throughout the year.

Ursa Major is one of 48 constellations identified by Greek Greek astronomer Ptolemy.

This constellation consists of a composition of stars that forms a box to describe the bear’s body and several other stars that make up its tail.

2. Ursa Minor – Little Bear

This constellation was also identified by Ptolemy.

Ursa Minor is in the northern sky. Polaris, aka Polar, is the brightest star in this constellation.

3. Orion – Hunter

Orion is one of the oldest constellations known to mankind.

The fact that this constellation is seen in all parts of the world makes it one of the most popular constellations.

Orion looks especially brightest between December and April.

4. Scorpius – Scorpion

Rasi Scorpius is located in the southern hemisphere, close to the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

People in the northern hemisphere can find this constellation in the south in the summer.

Antares is a giant star member of the constellation Scorpius, making this constellation relatively easy to find.

5. Leo – Lion

Leo is one of the most popular and easily found constellations.

In the northern hemisphere, this constellation is clearly seen in spring, while in the southern hemisphere it can be seen in the fall.

To find Leo, you have to look for an arrangement of stars in the form of an inverted question mark that is a lion’s tail.

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