Smartphone Users Doubt Hongmeng Operating System

Huawei Mate 20 Lite
Huawei Mate 20 Lite

Indonesia – Huawei is expected to soon launch their Hongmeng operating system as an alternative to the Android operating system. But the results of a recent survey show that many smartphone users doubt Hongmeng OS.

Reported by detikINET from the New Straits Times on Sunday (06/16/2019) this survey was conducted by the USCI Poll Research Center. The CEO of the research body Noppadon Kannika said many respondents were reluctant to move to Hongmeng OS.

Of the 701 respondents from China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia more than 40% said they were hesitant to use Hongmeng OS.

“Meanwhile, 31.5% of respondents said they wanted them to be willing to switch to OS (Hongmeng),” Kannika said.

This survey was conducted on June 1 to 15 last to see how opinion of smartphone users on the brand-new operating system. The majority of these respondents or around 87.7% came from Malaysia, 4.6% came from China and 7.7% came from Indonesia, Thailand and other countries.

The survey respondents also came from different generations. 39.5% of respondents were X generation, 26.7% were Y generation, 20.3% were Z generation and 13.5% were baby boomers and others.

Huawei itself was forced to use an alternative operating system to replace Android because the restrictions set by the United States government limited them to doing business with US companies.

This alternative operating system turned out to have been quietly developed for seven years, and Huawei has recently shipped a million smartphones with Hongmeng OS to test it. Hongmeng OS is expected to launch next October and the Huawei Mate 30 series is expected to be the first smartphone to carry this operating system.

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