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Smartphone screen less sensitive? Overcome the Following Way

Smartphone screen less sensitive

It’s annoying when you’re busy playing games on mobile, you lose because the touch screen is less sensitive. Or, when sending messages but typo continues. Ouch!

To overcome this, you can try the following steps so that the screen can be more sensitive, as quoted from Tag Mobile.

1. Calibration

When it has been a long time using a cell phone, many things can make the screen sensitivity decreases, for example the use of less careful. Well, fortunately many Android phones are equipped with calibration tools provided by the manufacturer.

The initial trick that can be done to increase the sensitivity of the cellphone screen is to recalibrate.

2. Change the screen guard

There are many types of screen protectors available. You can choose which screen is suitable and not too thick which can disturb the sensitivity of the screen.

On some Android phones, the ‘Touch Sensitivity’ feature in the ‘settings’ or ‘settings’ section is where you can increase the screen sensitivity when using a screen protector.

3. Don’t forget to clean it

One important thing that is missed is the cleanliness of the screen. Besides being able to be a den of germs that invites disease, accumulation of dirt can make the screen become slower to respond. Clean regularly using a soft cloth, cotton swab or alcohol wipe.

4. Manage applications

Touch screen malfunctions can also occur due to just about any application. Usually, such applications are malware that triggers unwanted restarts and also reduces touch screen sensitivity making them unresponsive.

One of the simpler solutions, make sure you only download apps that have good ratings and reviews.

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