Simple Laying Chicken Coops

Simple Laying Chicken Coops
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Cages are very useful to protect your chickens from various dangers such as predators, as a shelter during rain and heat and as a place to sleep and rest. Besides the chicken coop can also make it easier for you to collect crops, facilitate the control of the condition of livestock, facilitate feeding and facilitate you to prevent and treat disease.

The type of laying hen cages that you can use is the type of battery cage. This type of laying hen cage has a rectangular cage shape, arranged in a lengthwise array of two or more levels. This cage cage can hold 1-2 adult chickens.

This type of battery layer chicken cage is very appropriate and useful if it is used in narrow maintenance areas and areas that have a tropical climate like Indonesia. The steps – steps in making a battery cage for laying hens are as follows:

Material for making cages

To make a type of laying hen cage model sometimes the battery requires a very simple material. You can use materials such as wire or bamboo. To simplify the manufacturing process you can use wire. Wire cages can save time in the manufacturing process.

Enclosure Size

Types of laying hens, battery models can use sizes that can be adjusted to your environmental conditions. This is one of the advantages of this type of battery model cage. By adjusting the size this will affect the state of health and productivity of your layer chickens. Making a cage with a size that is adjusted and not excessive will have an impact on the costs that you will incur for this investment.

The shape of this battery cage you can build lengthwise and given a small screen. For the length you can adjust to your needs. For these small barriers you can use a length of 40 cm, width 40 cm and front height 37 cm, back 30 cm. This type of layer chicken cage has very open ventilation, both at the front, top and rear. For the bottom or base you should make it with a certain slope so that the egg can roll and roll forward. Make the floor of the cage made of wire or bamboo slightly apart so that the chicken manure can fall directly to the ground.

Food and Drinking Places

For places to eat and drink you can make a multilevel model. With the model under the feed and drinking places are at the top. For feed, you can use pipes or wood. To make it easier, you can use the pipe because it has a curved shape and is easy to get.

As for drinking places, you can also use pipes. Before use, check the pipe first to avoid leakage.

Pay attention to the position and placement of the cage

This battery cage you can make with the stage model. Where your cattle droppings can fall right down. This type of laying hen will make it easier for you to clean the cage and maintain better circulation. In making multilevel cages make sure each level is shifted to the side, this is intended so that chicken manure does not override the chicken underneath. This will also affect the ventilation air in the cage. Try to make the battery cage is enough to make with 2-3 levels only. If it is too high it will affect your difficulty in controlling the chicken coop.

There are other things you need to consider in making this type of battery layer chicken cage, which is the ideal height of the ground cage around approximately 1.25 – 1.5 m. This serves to reduce the element of ammonia produced from chicken manure. For the ideal distance the size of the cage you can use is 1 x the width of the cage. For the position of the cage you can build leading west – east. It aims to adjust the lighting for the better.

The advantages and disadvantages of using this type of battery layer chicken cage are as follows:


  • The natural ventilation ventilation of the cage runs at its maximum. So the chicken feels comfortable.
  • The possibility of cannibals can be avoided.
  • You can control sick chickens very easily.
  • Feed / drink control and production you can do easily.
  • Chicken will always have energy and egg production in a clean condition.


  • Chickens will be susceptible to paralysis if they are put in prematurely. This is because the chicken muscles are still too weak.
  • If you are often too late to clean the dirt, it will cause a lot of flies and strong odors. As a result your chicken can be threatened by disease.

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