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Seven Ways to Live Successfully According to Islam

Seven Ways to Live Successfully According to Islam
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Every human being must have ideals in his life. Humans who live without ideals, just like people who live without having direction and purpose. As a child, parents, teachers and relatives often ask about our ideals. Son, what are your goals when you grow up? wanting to be president, a doctor, pilot, teacher, artist and others is the most commonly expressed answer. Yes, choosing ideals is indeed the right of every person, he can be anything as long as it is useful for himself and others.

There are several things that a person must do if he wants to achieve his goals and succeed at work. Are as follows:

First, don’t procrastinate. Everyone will know, procrastinating work is something that is not good, because procrastinating work will make the work more piling up which in the end would be difficult to complete. In an Arabic poem it says, “Do not delay your work until tomorrow, as long as you are able to finish it today.” Procrastinating can also hamper the process of achieving goals and today there are so many things that cause someone to often delay his work.

Second, don’t complain. Everyone must have many obstacles and obstacles in achieving their goals. Complaining is not the solution in solving each of these problems. Islam teaches people to never complain in life and continue to hope in Allah. His words, “Thou shalt not despair of wishing to Allah”. Asking Him for guidance in every prostration to get out of the problem of life is the best way. Because it is impossible for God to give a trial, test and obstacle in life unless God will provide a way out for him.

Remember that every time there are difficulties there will be ease and God may not give a test beyond the ability of his servant. Because the true test given is God’s way to elevate each human being. In a proverb it says “A strong and great sailor will not be formed and born from the waves of a calm sea”.

Third, don’t be lazy. In Arabic poetry it says “Be serious, don’t be a lazy, negligent person, because remorse is the result of laziness”. A person who wants to achieve his goals he must also be a person who is earnest and diligent. Success can only be achieved with sincerity. So when the hopes and ideals have not been reached, a person must introspect themselves, to what extent his sincerity is done, because the process never betrays the results.

Whether we realize it or not, feeling lazy arises because of many factors such as the lack of a strong intention to achieve maximum results and sometimes the laziness comes because our work or study is not conducive, such as lazy studying and working because of dirty classrooms and offices and messy.

Fourth, write down your goals. What I mean here is that someone who has hopes and aspirations to write these goals on a piece of paper and then placed on the wall of a room or cupboard and a place that is accessible to the eye every day. The goal is as a reminder when we forget, or are lazy, do not know what to do and can also be down again. Now, by writing these ideals are expected to be able to revive a faded spirit and work and study harder. Like for example there are successful people who spend time to read up to five hours each day, so if we want to be more successful than him, we must read up to seven hours per day.

Fifth, gather with good people and success. The environment plays a big role in shaping one’s character. Whether a person is good or not can be seen from the environment, both family, school, and playmates. Just as the Prophet said, “Making friends with a blacksmith will surely be sprayed and befriend a perfume will definitely smell.” Herein lies the importance for someone who wants to achieve his goals to always get together and make friends with people who are successful, have a vision, always positive thoughts, want to motivate each other and certainly never complained.

Sixth, istiqamah. Istiqamah is continuous. Someone who wants success he must be istiqamah in his life. Istiqamah what the author meant was to focus on a single point of destination, it was not easy to turn to something new, like today he focused on selling clothes, but because he saw his friend who was successful in selling shoes he also wanted to switch professions to become a shoe seller. The character of a successful person is not like that, but he remains focused on achieving the targets set in the heart from the start. He is not lulled by the success of others by joining in.

Seventh, prayer and trust. Prayer is a weapon of the believer, of course all of the above must be done with the maximum possible and accompanied by prayer, so that allah grant all wishes. because Behind the maximum effort pray for the most effective weapon to get everything. Prayer is an attitude of humility before God, and every prayer must be answered. Of course it ends with resignation, everything is left to Allah SWT. We as humans must be prepared to accept good and bad destiny from Him. And we must believe that whatever Allah gives to his servant is the best thing that must be accepted with sincerity and courage, “Sawabiqul himam la tahriqu as waral aqdar”, the priest Ibn nu Athaillah mentioned in his al-Hikam.

Here are some tips that must be met by anyone who wants to achieve their goals in life. May Allah grant all your hopes and ideals and make it easy to achieve them.

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