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How to Send Messages Through Dreams

How to Send Messages Through Dreams

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The practice of sending messages through dreams is an attempt to make long-distance communication with others. This happens because of the fact that human thoughts are connected by brain waves in a subjective dimension and can influence each other. Subjective communication is carried out without meeting the target directly or remotely. Subjective communication is one-way communication so that we are in control. In our own subjective communication that determines what we will convey without any reaction back from the target. There are four stages in conducting subjective communication, namely:

1. Program the subconscious mind to create mind contact with the target.

Subjective communication begins with mind contact made just before sleeping. After the subconscious mind is programmed just before going to sleep, it will carry out its work when you are being pointed out. During sleep the human mind goes through several cycles of brain waves, namely Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. In the Alpha state your subconscious mind with the target mind will meet. That’s when the mind comes in contact with your target, and your subconscious mind will do its job well.

2. Contact mind is created.

When mind contact occurs, while in sleep you will wake up alone without any other person or cause to wake up. After contact with the mind, make preparations to maintain contact with the mind without having to fall asleep again. Try not to get sleepy for about 15 minutes.

3. Enter the Alfa condition and communicate subjectively.

Sit comfortably on your bed leaning back. To achieve this level, you need to regulate breathing so that you can communicate. After reaching the Alfa state imagine that you are dealing with your target and communicating. In communication, convey who you are and your goals. Use the “Win-win Solution” formula. This means you benefit and the target will also benefit from your intentions.

4. Quickly realize your intentions with creative imagination.

After the communication is complete, imagine or imagine creatively that what you want from the communication has been realized. The subconscious mind will make the reality of what you believe has been realized.

After all the steps above you have done, wait for the results with confidence and positive thoughts. Every time you remember your intentions or desires, imagine or remember that the end result you want has come true.

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