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School, Is This Important?

School Is This Important

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“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that is stupid.” – Albert Enstein

Actually, schools are only designed to make you a worker, employee, office worker, and other terms. In essence, school will only make you to be the order of others’ who are more powerful.

School is not designed to make you a person who is independent and able to face the reality of life, which is actually much ‘harder’ than theories.

Therefore, many of you who have graduated from school or college still have the same dream: when you graduate, the goal is to be easily accepted to work. Take good note: to be easily accepted to work. Or, other ideals that are more “cool” than that is to have a significant career path in bonafide companies and have a large salary.

That’s right?

Most of you who go to school or college still have that mindset. That is why, we gave that assertion first at the beginning of this chapter, namely those who go to school or college are designed only to be workers. If you don’t believe, try to show us, does your school teach you how to make money, how to raise money, how to make your own company, how to get rich, how to live independently, how to find good life partners, how to educate children, how best to be yourself, and how to be happy.

Nothing, right?

But calm down, we will teach you here

School teaches you to be a follower not a leader, because the real leaders of this world: powerful politicians and businessmen do not want too much competition.


Our question is, do you also have a mindset like that? If so, then we arrive at a discussion that is very important and will change your mindset, namely the discussion about the importance of the school anyway?

If so, then we come to a very, very important discussion and will change your mindset, that is, the discussion about: Is it not important?

With certainty, we will answer, “OF COURSE IMPORTANT!” However, by going to school or college, that does not guarantee you success or success later? Not.

Why not? Because a lot of holes that have errors in our education system. There are many things that are not true in our education. A lot of. However, among the many things, there are four main things that are the most dominant, namely:

First, the national exam.

Apart from the pros and cons, with the holding of the national exam we can see the fact that a lot of students are stressed by this system.

How not stressed, the fate of your years of learning is only determined in a few days. That was before the exam. After the exam, even many who usually get ranked in class actually don’t pass the exam and those who are usually notoriously stupid in class actually pass!

Want even crazier?

There are even so stressful desperate to commit suicide. There are those who hang themselves, drink poison, and other crazy things. If you don’t believe, look at the real news on the internet.

Yes, our education system is indeed as stupid and has a terrible effect. We do not understand, how can the noble educational goals, can have such a terrible effect.

However, if the effect actually makes students stressed and even lead to suicide in various ways, so it is very far from the purpose of education itself, right?

“The function of education is to teach someone to be able to think critically. Intelligence and character are the goals of true education ”

So the school does not teach you important skills in life, but the school teaches you to be a worker / employee and still be stupid.

Second, homework

Think about it, what’s the point of homework actually?

The most logical reason for homework is: Evidence that the teacher does not teach well in school, so he imposes homework for us.

Evidence that the teacher is worried that we do not listen well to the lessons he has presented at school, then he gives us homework to learn on our own.

Evidence that the teacher is not convinced by himself that the teaching method is correct so that makes you understand the material he is conveying.

So, what is the function of PR? There is no.

There is no function of homework apart from making you unable to use your night time for other useful things, for example honing your talent.

There is no function of homework apart from making you unable to use your night time to rest after a day of study.

What’s even funnier is, when it is already late in the afternoon and you have returned from school, you are still asked by parents to take a quick shower and then continue with studying.

Lahh, what did you study all day at school?


Third, good at all subjects.

The next most severe absurd thing from the education system in our country is that we are asked to be good at all subjects. In fact, it is the same as us to the forest, gathering all the animals that are there, such as horses, lions, elephants, fish, monkeys, crocodiles, tapirs, porcupines, snakes, ants, then we ask them all to be good at climbing.

Of course, the best are monkeys. After all, what is the function of an elephant that can climb? Is not it?

Think about it carefully again. You are asked to be good in all subjects at school, how? As normal humans, we will all be very imperfect. As humans who are very imperfect, there is never a story we will be good in all subjects.

Being good at Mathematics, Biology, Fine Arts, Physics, Chemistry, how do you make it happen? We certainly will not be able to master all those things. There must be a red one. There must be something that failed in certain subjects.

And it should: never mind!

Seriously, there should be no problem.

Try asking your biology teacher. Is he good at Art? Is he good at basketball too? Is he also good at Literature?

Definitely not. So, why also ask you to be good in all subjects?

Then, what if there are bad grades?

It is okay. Believe me, that shouldn’t be a problem

Deddy used to be very bad in mathematics and was very good in art. In fact, it is now very successful.

Erik, used to be very bad in sports lessons, in fact is now a successful property entrepreneur. Well, maybe being good at sports might not be important for a businessman.

Being human with flaws here and there is normal. Very normal. Very humane. However, you must really have one very good side!

Well, your job now is to find your talent, focus, and jump

Fourth, punishment.

When you are in school you must be accustomed to getting punished for your mistakes. Maybe this is in order to bring discipline to children, but in real life, you will become people who are afraid of making mistakes or failing.

In real life, failure should not be feared because it is a part of the process towards success in your life. Eventually, you will only be people who are afraid of doing business, afraid of failure, afraid of taking risks, afraid of making great breakthroughs because they have been educated.

From Book “Millenial Power: Rahasia Millenial Kaya dan Mandiri” by Deddy Corbuzier (High Performer, Public Figure) and Erik Ten Have (Investor, Entrepreneur). Translated by Maschris

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