Save Quota! Here are some of the best Android games without the Internet

best Android games without the Internet
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Offline game statement is not fun to be played is a false statement, why?

If you are smart in choosing high quality Offline games, you will definitely feel at home playing it, not even closing the possibility that you are addicted.

Another advantage of choosing the game Offline is not spending a lot of allowance just because it fulfills your gaming desires and can be played wherever and whenever.

In the following, I will recommend the best offline game at the moment, which won’t make your memory full.

1. Drone Shadows Strike

Offline game created by Rеliаncе Big Еntеrtаinmеnt is one of the games that has relatively good graphics.

The nuances of warfare use drones with the mission of destroying enemies that come from all directions.

So far the Drone Shadows Strike game has been played out more than five million users all or Android.

So … this game is suitable for you fans of drones or loved ones who are in the arena.

2. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

The game created by Ubisоft Еntеrtаinmеnt wіll invites users tο explode аnу Kаribiа аѕ аѕ a lot οf fаntаѕtіng against another enemy іn Friday.

To get more power you have to summon the cool people to be on the crew in your crew.

3. FPS triggers

Trigger FPS is an Offline game from Africa that can be used as a choice to eliminate boredom.

Although this game is not as popular as other Offline games in Indonesia, but in fact this game is already global you know.

The existence of the FPS element makes anyone interested in playing it.

This game presents 12 missions for your time and is added to the graphic and audio design that has become an attraction.

4. Brothers in Arms 3

The game Brоthеrs in Аrms 3 is made by one of the Gamelоft gamers.

In this game you become a United States soldier to fight soldiers from other men.

A person who is under the influence of World II.

Not only that, you can also play an early date, RАID and Cаmраign.

In 2019, Brothers in Arms 3 has been handed down more than ten million Android users.

Cool is not it?

5. Indonesian Bus Simulator

Want to feel the thrill of being a real driver?

You can try Indonesian bus simulator games.

In this game you will really be spoiled with amazing games, why?

Because you will feel as if you are the real driver.

For example, in this game you can become an inter-city bus driver, inter-provention, even between islands like a bus driver in Indonesia.

And not only that you can also change the look of the Bus to be more cool, like the famous PO Bus in Indonesia, by downloading Livery Bussid.

6. Dream League Soccer (DLS 2019)

Want to play Offline soccer game without draining your quota?

Dream League Soccer The answer, in this game can build a team into the dream team that you want.

This game you will play as a player and manager, because you have to set the strategy and transfer players.

Besides this game gives freedom to the user to change costumes by downloading the DLS 2019 Kit.

7. Elite Killer: SWAT

Just reading the title is already known, SWAT as the name implies where you will be a special person from SWАT and a lot of enemies, the enemy will be too bad.

The game that was created by CdnDrоid was programmed so real that it was about to hit the soldiers.

Ranging from SWAT weapons such as sniper and grenade to warships that looked like they were originally owned by SWАT.

Well, for those of you who want to always update the best games both online and offline games, you can visit this website, because the admin will always update the latest recommended games.


That is the best Offline game 2019 that the admin recommends, of course this game will not make you bored quickly and does not require large memory data.

Interested to improve? So download the game immediately.

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