Rasulullah, Women With Their Dogs and Story of Mosque

Rasulullah, Women With Their Dogs and Story of Mosque
Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

I was sad to see SARA’s comments in a video upload showing a woman entering a mosque with a dog. In the video, the woman looks loudly calling herself “I am Catholic”. In a comment, something says like this:

“Today the minority is getting more and more outrageous. Do not let people act out of anger.

Of course what is done by the woman can not be justified. But using these events to generalize the actions of a group is certainly a wrong attitude. Can we guarantee that the women are truly adherents of a certain religion? If so, are the perpetrators of good religion?

Of the millions of followers of a religion, there are always parts which are called as people who are lost. Islam itself knows several concepts such as dlolalah, zalim, hypocritical, wicked, and so on. This shows that not everyone can have the pleasure to get the pleasure of religiously well behaved mercy. There are many groups that reflect religion in a way that is angry, rather than friendly.

Mosque is a holy place. But what keeps the sanctity of the mosque awake is the behavior of its inhabitants. When there are birds or other animals that poop even at the watering place, the sanctity of the mosque will not be tarnished if the residents immediately clean. Is it because the animal throws poop arbitrarily so that we can freely hurt it?

Similarly, in addressing a woman and her dog who entered the mosque. We cannot see what he does as a good religious adherent. To react to it should be done in wise ways.

Rasulullah SAW gave an example when there was a bedouin who suddenly entered the mosque and urinated in it. The friends who saw the Bedouin were then ready to draw their swords to hurt and even kill the Bedouin for polluting the mosque.

The Messenger of Allah detained the companions and asked some of them to take water and clean up their former impurities. While the Bedouin was then summoned and explained that the mosque was a place of worship. For this reason, everyone is not allowed to pollute it.

The attitude of the Prophet gave a lesson that to respond to people who do not know is to tell in a good way. Because the essence of da’wah is to invite with kindness. This is why the process of da’wah is not an instant process that can be known the results in a fast period.

Unfortunately we are trapped in defending attitudes towards religion by overemphasizing aspects of spirituality. Even though the core of religion is spirituality. The presence of Islam was originally caused by the loss of the spiritual life of the local community where the community arbitrarily killed baby girls, bequeathed wives, carried out slavery, and so forth.

Religion exists to show a civilized way of life characterized by social life that promotes dialogue, the application of human rights, and the application of universal principles of rahmatan lil’alamin, a blessing for all nature.


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