Objects to Prevent Negative Marriage

Objects Prevent Negative Marriage

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Bad matchmaking calculations often make couples who are about to get married feel uneasy. The selection of good days in the implementation of the wedding ceremony so far is seen as effective enough to neutralize the bad aura of meeting a bad soul mate. However, there are other things that also need to be done by couples who have poor matchmaking calculations but are already married, namely by storing certain objects that have an aura of peace and harmony in their homes.

Some kejawen experts agree that by storing a statue of a pair of brides or in Javanese known as Loroblonyo, it is very effective at absorbing the negative energy that causes domestic conflict. Other objects are paintings that depict landscapes with the dominance of images of plants that are all green. The goal is none other than to be able to provide a fresh and cold atmosphere in the house.
But for households that are prone to breaking up, painting pictures of family animals complete with their children are the best paintings that can be displayed. As for those who like to collect heirlooms, they should keep the types of heirlooms that are believed to be synonymous with objectivity. Kris or spear with the prestige of rice wutah, watermelon skin, banyu mili is a good prestige to be saved for those who have negative marriages.

Some types of plants and pets are also believed to help strengthen husband and wife relationships in the family. The animals that can be maintained are koi fish and grain-eating birds. For the actual amount is not too problematic, but it is better to maintain seven tails. This is because it is based on the philosophy of the number seven or pitu in Javanese which can be interpreted as pitulungan which means that those who maintain it will always get help from God. For plants, of course, the best is plants that emit a cold aura, like Anturium, especially from the type of waves of love.

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