Mystical Light As A Sign Of An Incident Or Change

Mystical Light Sign Incident Change

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Besides Revelation, there are four kinds of light falling from the sky, there are at least four mystical lights that are believed to be signs of an event or change.


Generally, Andaru is in the form of a bright yellow light with reddish edges, caused by mixing gold, copper and lead beads. Someone who is exposed to the light of Andaru will become rich, by gaining an abundance of property that can please many people. The pamor of his deeds also increased sharply, many people would flatter and bow down to him. The dominant influence of Andaru on material factors.


The light that fell from the sky was turquoise. The light is formed from gold and copper beads. Usually someone whose downfall will be filled with compassion for others. Many people will respect so he will be respected. Pulung has the character of love, so that the fall of Pulung will choose people who undergo physical and spiritual efforts for their concern to practice love for others, in realizing beauty, peace, and peace. Amemayu Hayuning Bawana.


The light is purple, with a pink frame, which occurs from a mixture of copper, salt, and sulfur. People who fall thunder will become big people because of violence, cruelty and greed. His behavior and leadership style is very hard and scares many people. Thunder is angry with anger.


The light falling from the sky was red with a blue frame. This color occurs due to mixing lead, copper and sulfur. Generally symbolizes cunning, jealousy, full of deception, and a strong urge to harm others. It is said that if the area falls in a bluish red or teluhbraja light, the area will be hit by pagebluk or disasters that afflict many people.

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