Location of Acne Describes Health Conditions

Location of Acne Describes Health Conditions

Location of Acne Describes Health Conditions

The location of the growth of acne on the face turns out to indicate a person’s health condition, because the growth of acne according to research is closely related to a person’s hormonal condition, especially women. A facial mapping science that has existed in ancient Chinese and Indian medicine, explains that certain parts of your face are actually connected to other parts of the body. Below this is the meaning of the location of pimples on the face associated with the state of your health.

1/2: You are experiencing problems with the digestive system. Eat healthy foods, reduce junk food and fat, drink plenty of water and eat cucumbers.

3: There is a problem with the liver, you should stop consuming alcohol, fatty foods and reduce milk consumption. Do enough exercise and rest.
4/5: Be aware that your kidneys are not fit. This is also a sign that your body is dehydrated, drink plenty of water.

6: Your heart is tired, you should check your blood pressure. This symptom is usually also followed by high cholesterol too. Reduce spicy food, meat, and get fresh air.

7/8: There are indications of kidney disorders, reduce drinking soda and coffee, drink plenty of mineral water.

9/10: There is a problem with the respiratory system, there might be an allergic problem too. Stop smoking and stay away from environments contaminated with cigarette smoke.

11/12: Hormonal changes, menstruation, and stress. Get enough rest and reduce stress.

13: There is a problem with the stomach or intestines. Drink plenty of tea, pay attention to your food intake.

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