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How to Learn English – Tips to Become Advanced

Learning english

Today we’re going to talk about learning English on your own sitting at home in your own country where nobody speaks English I’m going to give you some tips because I’ve gone through the same process if you’re interested police continue reading this article I’m walking around London right now I’m in fitzrovia and so many memories come to my mind because I first came here when I was 14 years old my English was super bad people did not understand me and everybody thought I was a weird person because I spoke with a really weird accent and this was the trip that changed my perspective on studying cuz when I came back home after two weeks in the UK I realize that I want to change everything I want to change my English language learning routine I want to change the message that I used and I want to dedicate more time to studying the first thing I did I said down and I realized that no I have a goal and in anything you do in your life and I can’t underestimate it and I will repeat it many many times for you you have to have a clear goal for me to go was pretty clear when I came back home from the UK because I realized I want to live here and I want to study here and I want to connect my life with English language and I realize that perfect English is a must. It’s not something I can fake it’s not something that would be additional this is something that everybody has here everybody speaks perfect English and I want to be understood I want to speak the same language I want to be able to understand the joke so I set the goal for myself and I told Marina in 4 years you going to study in the UK so task number one for you would be setting the goal and setting the goal with an exact date a great thing about learning the language is that you don’t have to sit down with the textbook for an hour a day because once you have the goal you have to tell yourself how much time you going to spend learning English everyday and learning English doesn’t mean just doing grammar exercises and this is why I love love love languages cuz you can leave in English you can watch TV shows you can read books you can text people you can travel so at least one hour a day this will be perfect what I did I was Sex and the City in English I watch the suits in English I have an HBO now subscription that allows me to watch Westworld Silicon Valley and other TV shows you can watch YouTubers you can do whatever you want but in English and that would count towards your education

I would also suggest having just one textbook maybe to maximum or having a shooter that you meet once a week to control your progress because it’s who is good to have something to rely on in terms of like flan of topics maybe you’re doing Simple tasks this week past tense is the next week future tenses in 2 weeks and it’s good to have somebody to track your progress when I said he’d at school we had Kaplan books we had opportunity textbooks just you know any textbook will be good it’s just for you to have a plan that was made by a professional teacher and if you can afford having a teacher I would really really recommend having a native speaker and having a native speaker that has accomplished something in their lives like for example we have Anastasia who has studied in America for four years and who speaks five different languages who passed iOS who scored a hundred nineteen and TOEFL to somebody like Anastasia so you can only learn English from her to learn how to reach your goals my next advice what sound a little weird and my sound a little unprofessional but do you have to fall in love you can fall in love with a person who speaks English that would be the best that would motivate you speak English everyday or you can fall in love with the TV show that you can fall in love with an app you can fall in love with a blogger you know you can choose a blogger the really motivates you who you want to watch every single day cuz falling in love helps you do something regularly like Sex in the City what’s my favorite TV show I watched it six times in my life because I fell in love with it oh that’s another great thing that I want to talk about when you read a book in English or you watching TV show you don’t have to know every single word and if you tell yourself oh I’m going to ride every new words down

I guarantee you you will hate this you will stop watching the movie you will stop reading the book because remember what I told you you have to be loved and you have to enjoy the process so if you see a word for the seventh time and you realize he actually affect your understanding yes translated and write a some people ask me Marina do I have to learn for insulation together with Grandma or maybe I should have basic vocabulary first and then grammar the answer is you have to learn the pronunciation straight away cuz it’s going to be so tough for you to change it later remember my story I came to the UK for the first time speaking like Zeus like I am just I just came from rational that bad but it was something similar and it was so tough for me to change it cuz you feel so weird oh my God especially when you sit down together with a Russian group I was back at school with my Russian teacher Russian students and you try to mimic British accent they just kind of laughing you because you look weird Everybody speaks with a Russian accent engine tries to mimic something else good thing you’re studying on your road so you can just talk to yourself and this lovely accent or if you have a native speaker t-shirt he would never laugh at you because you would actually sounds bad in terms of like American or British pronunciation so from day one start learning the access start learning the right way to place your mouth to place your tongue to pronounce words like a native speaker is somebody still using the phone it’s not even working fake everything is feco know people just use them for photos basically these phone whilst I just for you to take pictures I’m kidding but this one isn’t working you might wonder which action should you learn there is a theory and I totally agree with that that’s Canadian accent is the easiest for you to understand as a non-native speaker and also to learn but when you come to a particular country you would need to adjust even need to adjust to their accent so it really really depends on your goals but I will tell you that before I was Operation immediate I didn’t really get any access so it wasn’t Great Britain where was sitting with my friend she would tell me Marina do you hear that American accent and there would be like a crowd of Americans near us and I would tell her to know now I don’t get any axes I may be started understanding acts and maybe after two times

I came to the UK so don’t really worry about the X and just about the correct pronunciation and accent will just come because accent is about intonation correct pronunciation is about putting your tongue in the right place so just don’t worry if you’re already operate immediately then just saying oh where do I see myself in three years and then learn that accent I would say American accent is the most popular one because you have all of the TV shows you have all of the movies British is the most standard Canadian is the easiest not talking about Australian because I think it’s the toughest and you only can use it in Australia let me give you some resources Resource number one of my favorite books so far it’s a study guide mastering the American accent this is a really useful book that’s going to tell you where to put your tongue how to pronounce words and it will help you trade Resource number to my company it’s Amazon for languages and we have everything starting with Shooters on Skype different books that can help you learn English and you can also book study abroad courses and get admissions help on linguatrip Resource number three fluid. Express this is a service also designed and developed by Mighty that helps you correct your written English so you just supposed to text and a native speaker will check it in the real time and you will see your errors guys I wish you were here some free books in English I hope they don’t mind that I’m like just looking at them all this is criminal law number for if you don’t have access to a hardcover books in English I would recommend Amazon Kindle and this is what I used to read books you get the app you can get a subscription I think it’s like $14 a month and you get one book every month and you can also get audiobooks and this is what I prefer the resource number five is audible audible is an app where you can listen to the books in English I wish I would highly recommend the book that I’m reading right now it’s called the subtle art of not giving a f and it’s one of the best books I’ve read so far so good motivation about not giving up about working even when things are not looking very good if you still feel that there is some beginner Topics in English that you have missed or you want to repeat I would really recommend Duolingo app it’s a free app Tetris very very basic spheres of English like basic grammar Basics vocabulary super useful and the best thing it’s free the only thing with the apps why I don’t really believe in that house when you’re in line or when you’re driving in the bus you would more likely to open your messenger English and the talk about English like I have a fan base Marina mogilko our company has a fan page language. You can follow other bloggers like Casey neistat’s Gary vaynerchuk they have a lot of useful information in English as well as some other resources if you want to watch TV shows and movies in English I would use I would also use if you have Prime Membership which is about $12 a month you get some movies for free HBO now you pay around $14 a month there is also around $14 a month and you can just purchased movies on iTunes I would never recommend any other illegal resources but you probably know what I mean what I do right now already pay for all of my content do you want to watch something for free there is always YouTube British YouTubers American YouTubers just watch them for free and there is also another life had all of the resources that I mentioned before HBO Amazon Netflix they have first months of free so you can use a trial and then just cancel and you won’t be charged anything and just remember don’t be upset if you don’t see the forest trailer weight guess

I always think that’s like learning English at home on your own is like learning to swim in your room you need to actually be in the swimming pool to experience the joy of swimming this is the same you have to be in an English-speaking country to enjoy the actual speaking of the language they actually uses of the word that you learn and the grandma that you weren’t kiss here in the UK and London nobody would speak your own language about something but the majority would not understand you and you will have to use English and this is the best friend did you see the video of a dog that is right about the water but there is a person holding it but is it still trying to swim in the ear this is you learning English at home like basically I tell my students that you cannot learn to swim just lying on the floor in your room this is the same with the language you have to travel and practice the language and right now I am in one of my favorite schools in Greenwich in London and I love love love this place because it’s the UK but it’s not like London is a big city and Greenwich is like a smaller District in London but let’s see let’s see the school and Lucy Greenwich when I came back from London for the first time I kept telling my friends they have to do the same and this is basically why I started language her because I wanted more people to travel to English speaking countries and learn languages it was so happy to meet my followers today cuz I saw more than 30 people who came to London to study languages to improve themselves and guys like the city you have to come here at least once in your life because it’s one of the best that is in the I feel so at home here and I feel that this is the place that inspired me to be who I am at least people there so kind smiling willing to help like this all started here please please please come to London and this will be your best step your best experience for your English language cuz you going to practice it and you can come with any level you can even be a beginner cuz teachers here this week really slowly they help you they know you’re not go to the language but they going to do their best the best thing I love and London is a smell cuz it smells like my childhood dream it smells like London it smells like how it smells like that helps when your life and I just love this place

I hope you enjoyed watching me running around London doing fun stuff and I hope I inspired you to come here practice your English and immerse himself into culture and explore new things and who knows when you continue country when you meet new people and new ideas come to your head and maybe this will be the first step into your new life thank you so much watching this loss during not yet subscribe there is a subscribe button down below which more videos about English language that are here and I’ll see you soon bye bye

How to Learn English - Tips to Become Advanced
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How to Learn English - Tips to Become Advanced
I always think that's like learning English at home on your own is like learning to swim in your room you need to actually be in the swimming pool

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