Lash Lifting, Solution for Licking Eyelashes without Eyelash Extension

The lash lifting treatment process is an option besides the eyelash extension. (Photo: dock. Everlash Lash Expert)

For most women, having long, voluminous eyelashes is a dream.
Lately, connecting eyelashes or eyelash extensions has become a shortcut that is favored by many women to get desirable lashes.

Because besides being able to make it easier for you to dress up, the eyelash extension can also last for 2-3 weeks, longer than fake eyelashes that must be removed.

However, the volume effect and excessive flickering of the eyelash extension are sometimes not preferred because the results obtained are less natural.

To overcome this, there is an eyelash treatment that can be another option for women who want perfect eyelashes without eyelash extensions, namely Lash Lifting.

Lash Lifting is a semi-permanent treatment that provides a supple effect on the lashes. Lash lifting has a resistance that is almost the same as the eyelash extension, which can last for approximately one month.

Lash lifting is a good alternative for eyelash extensions, because it does not require complex maintenance and the results are more natural.
The lash lifting process is carried out using silicone pads placed on the eyelids to form permanent curves on the lashes. This process lasts for approximately one hour to produce maximum supple eyelash effects.

Unlike the eyelash extensions that have to avoid a number of makeups that focus on the eye area, lash lifting still allows you to wear other mascara or makeup. In addition, this eyelash treatment also has a cheaper price than the eyelash extension, which starts at Rp. 300 thousand.

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