Islamic Muslim Baby Names Inspirations in the Qur’an

Islamic Muslim Baby Names Inspirations in the Qur'an

There are many names of Islamic baby boys found in the Qur’an. Usually you can find it easily from the letters and verses in al-qu’ran. To make it easier, here are some inspirations for the names of Muslim baby boys in the Qur’an:

  • Aasif

The Islamic name in the first Qur’an that can be a reference for your baby is Aasif. In addition to modern names also have a beautiful meaning and tend to be simple in pronunciation. Not only that, the name Aasif can also be varied into several options, such as Asyiyf, Aesef, Acef, or Aeship. And certainly not in the slightest change the beautiful meaning of this name Aasif.

The name taken from the verse Jonah verse 22 in the Qur’an has a strong and courageous meaning. Through this name, children are expected to grow into strong and brave figures.

  • Aariz

Often many of us think that Islamic baby names are unattractive and modern in use today. Though such an assumption is not entirely true. Evidenced by one of the reference names in this second point.

Aariz’s name certainly looks modern and cool right?

Not only that, besides being cool the name Aariz also has a beautiful meaning, which is the rain cloud. This name is contained in the Qur’an al-ahqaf verse 24, which if interpreted in a prayer, Aariz is a form of hope to Allah SWT so that one day children, can become a figure that nurtures and awaited his arrival.

  • Thabit or Abit

One of the considerations of parents when giving their baby names is the name of a beautiful name and the meaning of a beautiful name. It will be even better if the name is the name of the son or friends of the Prophet Muhammad. And it is found in the Qur’an in the verses of Ibrahim 24 and 27

Thabit itself is an Arabic language that has a meaning that remains in its place, unwavering, and stable. With this name, it is hoped that the baby will have a strong and unshakeable attitude when dealing with life’s problems.

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