Islamic and Modern Baby Boy Names

Islamic and Modern Baby Boy Names
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The presence of a baby is certainly something to be happy for. Whether it’s the first, second, third child, or so on. Generally, at this moment parents will welcome the presence of baby in many ways. Including by preparing a name.

For Muslims, of course it would feel less happy if you give a baby’s name without a touch of Islam. There are many Islamic and modern baby boy names that you can make references. And some of these references will be explained below. Here are the names of Islamic baby boys:

Islamic and Modern Baby Boy Names

  • Kanz

Actually, the name of modern Islam is widely available in the Qur’an. For example, the name ‘Kanz’ could be the starting point of the modern name. Kanz itself is actually a variation of the name Khanza, which is usually used by baby girls. However, you do not need to worry because changing this writing does not change the meaning.

Kanz itself means treasure, intelligent and wise. So that by giving this name it is expected that children can become someone who is smart, and wise.

  • Arham

The name of the next modern Islamic baby boy is Arham. Arham is a name taken from one of God’s angels whose job is to blow lives and write down the way of life.

For its own meaning, Arham comes from the word r-h-m which means compassion, tenderness and affection. This name, of course, can be a prayer so that one day children can become someone who has a gentle personality, has a compassion and compassion.

  • Zahian

Zahian can also be the choice of a modern Islamic name for your son. Besides being modern, the name zahian also has a good meaning which is radiant or brilliant.

Through this name, it is expected that ordinary children grow to be like light which can be a light for their environment.

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