Interacting with Fans at the Airport, Lisa BLACKPINK’s Reaction Be the Spotlight

Interacting with Fans at the Airport, Lisa BLACKPINK's Reaction Be the Spotlight

BLACKPINK is known as one of the groups that highly appreciates its fans. They often have a variety of warm and adorable interactions with fans. Likewise with Lisa.

Citing Koreaboo, on Saturday (1/25/2020), a video showing Lisa’s interaction with fans became a hot topic on social media. The video shows how friendly and cheerful Lisa is in front of fans who are waiting for her arrival.

1. Adorable reactions

In the midst of the crowd, there is a male fan who is also waiting for him. The fan seemed to offer Lisa a letter and a beautiful yellow bouquet of flowers.
An unexpected reaction was given by Lisa. Shortly after receiving the fan’s gift, Lisa seemed to hug the wreath while showing a very adorable expression. He looked very happy after receiving the wreath.

2. Fan Response

Many fans thought Lisa’s reaction was very funny and adorable. They praised how friendly and humble the idol was. This reaction also made the fans who watched it feel melted.
The video was found recorded when Lisa arrived at Incheon International Airport, on Friday (1/24/2020). At that time Lisa had just returned from China.


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