Inspiration for Muslim Baby Boy Names

Inspiration for Muslim Baby Boy Names

A good name is a name taken from something good. Therefore do not be surprised if the birth of her baby. Parents will be busy sorting and choosing good names with beautiful meanings.

Both in terms of greetings or long names. The following is the inspiration for the name of an Islamic baby boy that you can make a reference:

  • Rashaun

There are many ways you can do to find the name of Islam. For example, you can choose a name through the Qur’an, the name of the Companions of the Prophet, or the name of an inspiring Islamic tokok. At this first point, Rashaun could be one of the names of the right choice. This name is the middle name of one of the ispirative Islamic figures, Shaquille O’neal. Which is actually a combination of two greetings ‘Ray’ and ‘Shaun’ which means little hero.

  • Faran

Faran is a baby boy greeting from ancient England and means traveling. Do you think that means the name Faran is not Islamic? Did you know, Faran is the name of a famous Muslim actor of Pakistani-American descent. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you make faran as one of the name choices.

This Faran name can be representative of parents’ prayers, so that children can grow into someone who can travel a lot and can take lessons from each trip.

  • Moez

The name of the next Muslim baby boy choice is Moez. This name can be a reference to modern, cool and unique baby names. Moez itself is a variation of writing from the word aziz which means strong and full of energy.

Even so, Moez has its own meaning of honor or glory. Through the meaning of this child’s name, parents hope that one day children can grow into someone who has honor, glory and strength.

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