Exercise To Increase Mind Power

Exercise Increase Mind Power

Exercise Increase Mind Power

There are many techniques for increasing the power of the mind. Even simple habits like asking important questions anytime can actually sharpen your brain. A question or just filling in a puzzle makes you think more productively. But there is one approach that you might be able to try better than all the other techniques to increase the power of your mind.

This technique is the basis of the Hypnosis and Telepathy technique, but more precisely this technique is often used by those who study the science of Mind Power, which is a science of memory and mind reading. To train the power of your mind, you can do it through the following steps:

1. Take a walk outside the house, find a crowded place, the more crowded the better.
2. Once satisfied to walk and get home, enter the room. Keep your room quiet and not much noise.
3. Sit calmly, take a deep breath and try to calm the mind.
4. After your breath begins to regulate, relax, and your mind also calms down. Try to start imagining the situation during your walk earlier, imagine what you saw clearly, imagine as clearly as possible.
5. Maybe there will be difficulties, but try to imagine until the shadow is clearer. If you feel dizzy, may stop for a moment, calm your mind and then repeat this exercise.
6. After you are able to clearly imagine the picture of the situation during the walks, now focus on one object, it is up to you what object, whether the human being, the building, is essentially the object that interests you.
7. Imagine the details, pay attention to the colors, shapes and all the details.
8. If it is clear enough, you can end the exercise.

Next time you are in the same location, try to see if the details are the same as you imagine. It would be better if you imagine the details of the building so you don’t have to bother searching for objects.

If the conditions or details are the same as you imagine, it means that you have already begun to master the mind security technique. If not, keep practicing regularly. The results will be very useful for you, especially if you are a student, you will have a sharp mind and better memory. Aside from that, this exercise is also a basic exercise from the Mind Power branch where you can see the past, the future, and read the minds of others.

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