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How to Send WhatsApp Messages Using Google Assistant

Send WhatsApp Messages Using Google Assistant

Sending messages via WhatsApp has become a daily habit. But there are times when we want to send a message but can’t type, for example while driving a car.

But take it easy, because there is a way to send WhatsApp messages without the need to type, that is with the help of Google Assistant. With voice commands, you can directly say the contents of your message via smartphone without typing.

Want to know more about how? Let’s see how to send WhatsApp messages through the Google Assistant.

1. Make sure Google Assistant is available

First you have to make sure the Google Assistant service is available on your smartphone. This service can be used on Android smartphones that already use the Android 5.0 operating system and above with a minimum of 1GB RAM.

IPhone users and other iOS devices can use the Google Assistant and you can download it on the Apple App Store.

2. Set the Language in Google Assistant

After making sure Google Assistant is installed on the smartphone, set the language to support Indonesian. The way is to open the Google application, then click More in the lower right corner. Select Settings and Google Assistant, then select the Assistant tab. Select the Languages ‚Äč‚Äčoption and select Indonesia in the available language options.

3. Call Google

After everything is set up, you can already use the Google Assistant. You do this by pressing the Home button on the smartphone a little longer or press the special button Assistant on some smartphones.

Tell Google to send messages by voice, for example ‘Ok Google, send WhatsApp’. The screen will look like this:

Send WhatsApp Messages Using Google Assistant

4. Select Contacts

After that, the Assistant will ask you to whom the message is intended. Just state the name of the contact you want to address, and make sure the contact name is unique and has no duplicates.

5. Mention Message Content

After filling in the destination contact, Assistant will ask the contents of the WhatsApp message that you want to send. Just mention the message you want to send directly to your smartphone.

Send WhatsApp Messages Using Google Assistant

After the desired message is written on the screen, you have the option to change it or send it immediately. If you feel right, you just ask the Assistant to send a message.

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