How to Save Quota When Watching YouTube on a Smartphone

YoutubeYouTube has become one of the most popular applications in recent years. This video sharing site has a myriad of interesting content with various themes according to what users like. Some of the users may not be aware of how much quota is spent watching continuously.

In order to not easily run out of internet quota while watching YouTube, here we will provide some tips for tricks that can be tried, especially for the YouTube Android application.

First open the YouTube application installed on the smartphone. Click the account button in the top right corner and select the Settings menu then select General. Then activate the Limit mobile data usage menu so that it does not automatically play videos in high resolution (HD) when streaming with data packages.


For the second way is to download the video directly from the official Android YouTube application. Select one of the videos that you like, click the three point button next to it and select Download. When a new window appears, specify the video resolution.

Don’t forget to also set the downloaded video to WiFi only to save quota. This setting can be found directly in the Settings menu> Download.

That’s an easy way to save internet quota when using the YouTube Android application. If you want to be more economical, just visit a place and use its WiF network.

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