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How to Remove WhatsApp Messages that Have Long Been Sent

Remove WhatsApp Messages that Have Long Been Sent

Sometimes there is regret after sending a certain chat to someone on WhatsApp. You want to delete any time limit. But there are ways to get around that.

Currently the option “delete for everyone” is a WhatsApp feature that allows messages to be deleted on the sending and receiving devices so they can no longer be read.

However, WhatsApp actually only gives a 7-minute grace period for deleting messages. But there is also an event to delete the message even though it’s past the deadline.

Summarized from Metro, how to delete a long-sent WhatsApp chat can be done in several easy ways:

– Turn off internet connection on mobile (Wi-Fi and cellular). Enter settings to make sure.

– Make sure the WhatsApp application is closed or close the window, not just moving the screen.

– Open ‘Settings’ or ‘Settings’ on the smartphone then tweak the time. For example, the message you want to delete is dated July 12 at 10:15 a.m., just change the time by approaching the message as long as you remember the 7 minute grace period. For example, change the time on your cellphone to July 12 at 10:20 WIB.

– Reopen WhatsApp, select the message you want to delete. Select the ‘delete for everyone’ option.

– Exit WhatsApp, restore time settings, then restart the internet connection.

After that, the WhatsApp message sent more than seven minutes will be deleted. But from testing, chat that is more than one day old can sometimes not disappear from the recipient’s smartphone.

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