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How to Register Yahoo Email with Handphone Easily

How to Register Yahoo Email with Handphone Easily

Yahoo is also famous for email facilities, although now it is no longer as popular as before. Are you interested in having email on Yahoo? Registration of the email address can be done via mobile (HP) quickly.

Yahoo itself is an internet-based telecommunications company. Meanwhile, some features are Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Search, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Directory, and Yahoo Answers.

Here’s how to register Yahoo email on Hp:

1. Register Yahoo Email

How to make Yahoo email can be done via cellphone. Users only need to open the site at and fill out the required information.

Information needed, such as name, gender, telephone number, to date of birth. Then click continue and follow the instructions to verify the phone number.

2. Password

For the password to function correctly on the HP device, users can go to the site and enter the email address. Then Yahoo will send a notification related to account locking.

Then, the user is asked to open the Yahoo Mail application on his cellphone and select the account lock icon and approve. After that, the user will be sent a verification code again by Yahoo for verification.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Email can also be set, used, and managed without using a password.

The way is after the email is active, Yahoo will send a notification to the cellphone, and the user can approve direct access on his smartphone so that no one else can enter.

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