How to Register Telegram and Comparison with WhatsApp

How to Register Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. In fact, this application includes the main competitors of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

But, despite being a competitor of WhatsApp, Telegram’s popularity is still far behind compared to Facebook’s messaging application. Based on the latest data published in March 2018, Telegram has 200 million monthly active users.

Though Telegram has several advantages compared to WhatsApp. If you are looking for an alternative to WhatsApp and want to try Telegram, let’s look at how to register and use Telegram and compare it with WhatsApp.

1. Download the Telegram Application

Telegram can be used on many platforms, ranging from iPhone, Android, Windows, MacOS, Chrome App and also the web version. But to be able to use Telegram on a PC or laptop, you must register a new account through the smartphone application.

You can download Telegram for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. When finished downloading, open the application.

2. Register an account

To create a new account on your Telegram, simply register the telephone number that you are using. After that, Telegram will call you to make sure the number is active or not. But don’t accept the phone call.

After a few seconds, you will receive an SMS with a code from Telegram. Usually this code will be filled automatically, but if not you can fill it manually.

3. Give the Telegram an Access Permit

After that, Telegram will ask permission to access some parts of the smartphone. You can give permission for all access requests, but you can also reject some access requests that you find annoying.

4. Finish

The process of registering a new Telegram account is complete. After this, you can download the Telegram application for Windows, MacOS, Chrome App, or just use the Telegram web client to log in to your account.

Don’t forget to enable two-factor verification so that your account becomes more secure by going to the Settings menu, then clicking Privacy and Security and clicking Two-Step Verification.

5. Difference between Telegram and WhatsApp

Telegram and WhatsApp both offer messaging services with end-to-end encryption so it’s not easy to be spotted by bad people. But, even though both are quite safe, security and speed are the focus of the Telegram.

Apart from privacy and security issues, there are still a few more things that distinguish Telegram and WhatsApp, including:

– Can send large files. If you often send large-sized photo and video files, this Telegram feature is certainly an advantage.

Because, Telegram allows users to send various types of documents from smartphones or computers with sizes up to 1.5 GB. WhatsApp can also be used to send documents, but the maximum size limit is 100MB.

– There is no video call feature. WhatsApp not only allows users to send text messages, but also makes voice calls and video calls. Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t support the video call feature like WhatsApp.

– There is a Secret Chats feature. This is one of Telegram’s excellent features. Secret Chats not only allow you to send messages with end-to-end encryption, but also the messages you send cannot be forwarded or screenshot.

– Can delete messages automatically. Another excellent feature of Telegram that can guarantee the security of your messages. If you don’t want the message in secret chats to be there forever, you can activate the timer to permanently delete the message. This timer can be set from one second to one week after the message is sent.

– Big group. Chat in groups with friends is indeed better. For those of you who have very many friends, Telegram allows you to create chat groups with up to 200,000 members.

– Free and without ads. The founder and CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, ensures that Telegram services will be free and without advertising forever. Whereas WhatsApp is expected to start displaying ads on its platform, even though the service itself is still free.

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