How to Quickly Download and install Google Chrome

Image by Deepanker Verma from Pixabay

Google Chrome is one of the web browser applications. Well, there is an easy way to download and install this application. How? Come see!

Downloading and installing the Indonesian Google Chrome application is done without charge. However, how to download on each device is different.

Here’s how to download Google Chrome:

1. Computer

For Windows type computers, users first go to the page and choose ‘Download Chrome’. Then, the user is asked to click ‘Run’ or ‘Save’ and follow the instructions, the computer will automatically install Google Chrome.

Mac users, you must first go to the page and click download. Then, open the file ‘googlechrome.dmg’. Furthermore, users will see the Google Chrome logo on the window that is open and asked to pull the Google Chrome into the Applications folder.

In this section, users may be asked to enter an admin password. However, if you don’t know the admin password, drag Google Chrome to a place that users can edit, such as the desktop.

Finally, open Google Chrome and open Finder. On the sidebar, to the right of Google Chrome, click Remove.

Meanwhile, Linux users are also asked to go to the page first. Just choose opening a package and ok. Finally, users are asked to choose the ‘install package’ option.

2. Android

To download Google Chrome on a mobile or tablet, first make sure that Android is running the Andorid 4.4+ (KitKat) processor.

Next, to install the user must search Google Chrome on Google Play first and choose ‘Install’ and click ‘Agree’. So, after downloading, Google Chrome will be available on the user’s gadget.

3. iPhone and iPad

To download the latest Chrome, users first open the App Store and search for Google Chrome. From there, the user clicks ‘Get’ and ‘Install’, then the user will be asked to enter an Apple ID password and select ‘OK’.

The last stage, install and Google Chrome are ready to use.

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