How to preserve natural resource and use it efficiently?

preserve natural resource and use it efficiently

Nonrenewable Natural Resources

Using nonrenewable resources, particularly minerals, in an effective way and exploring many ither possible mineral resources.

Renewable Natural Resources

A preservation of renewable natural resources is conducted as follows.
  1. Avoiding soil from erosion and lack of soil fertilizer and soil water by fertilizing, reforestation (planting trees in forest), and terracering. Terracering is a land in a mountain which is made in terraced.
  2. Renewing some old plants of agriculture and plantation.
  3. Conducting reforestation when lumbers of forest are mass used.
  4. Preserving some scarce plants in a natural preservation.
  5. Limiting animals hunting, particularly for scarce animals such as jalak bali, tiger, or rhinoceros. Scarce animals should be protected and preserved in a wild life conservation.
  6. Preventing rivers, swamps, lakes, dams, and seas from water pollution to protect many kinds of fish from extinction.
  7. Renewing fisheries and farmlands.

Energy Resources

A preservation of energy resources can be hold in many ways as follows.
  1. Avoiding water pollution and economizing the use of water. Soil and forest conservation is increased because soil water conservation depends on soil and forest conservation.
  2. Economizing the use of electricity.
  3. Economizing the use of petroleum, natural gas, and coals. An exploration to obtain new source of energy have to conduct. Conducting a research for other possible use of fuel, for example bio diesel.

Human resources

Recently, human resources are not only viewed as its production cost, but also as a significant company asset. Therefore, the use of human resources grows equally with the increase of people’s prosperity.

Capital Resources

Capital resources have also to be used economically because it is considered as one of important resources.
It has been examined above how to preserve the resources and to make the use of it efficiently. What is your comment about it? Does your attitude and action represent your concern on the availability of limited resources and the efficiency of the resources use? What is your attitude and action when you see people destroy the resources and use the resources not in efficient way?
a. by streaking school walls;
b. by throwing the trash away into a ditch lies in front of school;
c. your classmate turns on the lamp while the day is much bright enough;
d. your friend goes around the town by motorcycle without a purpose;
As the representation of your concern on the limited availability resources and efficiency of the resources use. You can practice these following applicable actions.
a. to spend your money economically;
b. to take care your own properties, such as bicycles, clothes, shoes, texts, books, and stationery;
c. to maintain school and classroom’s cleanliness and preciousness;
d. to be efficient to use electricity;
e. to talk on phone as needed;
f. to maintain bedroom and studying table cleanliness and tidiness;
g. to do productive activities, for example growing some fruits in a house yard.

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