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How to Overcome the Google Play Store Problem with 9 Tips

Overcome the Google Play Store Problem
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Android smartphone users must be familiar with the Google Play Store application. In this application store you can find various applications and games for smartphones from various genres.

You must also have experienced the Google Play Store application that suddenly had an error or problem. Whether it’s a problem that can’t be opened or can’t download the application.

No need to worry, there are many ways that can be used to improve the Google Play Store that is in trouble. Here are 9 ways to fix the Play Store that is problematic as summarized from Google Play Help.

1. Make sure the internet connection is fast

The first way you can try is to ensure a fast internet connection. Internet connection via WiFi is recommended. If not, make sure the 3G or 4G mobile connection is indeed quite fast. After that, try downloading the desired application again.

2. Clean Cache and Play Data Store

Open the settings menu on your smartphone, and look for the Apps & Notifications menu. Scroll down and search the Google Play Store, then click Storage and click Clear Cache. After that, click Clear Data. When finished, open the Play Store again and try downloading the desired application.

3. Restart the Smartphone

If after clearing the cache you still can’t download the application, try restarting your smartphone. You do this by long pressing the power button and selecting the Restart or Power off option. Your smartphone will automatically restart. If not, press the power button again.

4. Check Internal Memory and SD Card

If there is insufficient capacity in internal memory, this can make the download and install process stop. In addition, the SD card can also cause problems if it is not set correctly. Try unplugging the SD card and installing it again to solve the problem.

5. Clean Cache and Data Play Services

Open the Settings application on your smartphone and select the Apps & Notifications menu. Scroll down and search for Google Play Services.

Click Clear Cache then click Clear Storage. After that, click Clear All Data and click OK. After you have finished reopening the Google Play application, wait five minutes and try repeating the application.

6. Uninstall and Reinstall Play Store Updates

Make sure your smartphone is connected to a stable internet. Enter the Settings application and select the Apps & Notifications menu. Scroll down and search the Google Play Store.

Click three vertical dots on the top right and select Uninstall Updates. If asked if you want to change the Play Store application to the initial version, select OK. Reopen the Google Play application and try downloading your application again.

7. Check the Android Update

The latest Android version can help applications like Google Play to work optimally, so always update your smartphone with the latest Android system. How to check Android system updates is different on each smartphone but you can try the following methods.

Enter the Settings app, scroll down and click the System> Advanced> System Update menu. Check if there is the latest update available, and download it immediately if you are connected to the internet.

8. Delete the Google Account

Another way you can try is to delete and re-add your Google account. To delete a Google account, open the Settings application and enter the Accounts menu. Click the account you want to delete and select the Remove Account option.

To add a Google account, go to the Settings application and click the Accounts menu> Add Accounts> Google. Then follow the instructions to add an account.

After that, open the Play Store application and open the menu on the top left side. See the name and e-mail address of the account you are using at the top of the screen. Click the down arrow and select the account you want to use. When finished, repeat your download again.

9. Factory Reset

If all of the above methods have been tried and are still unable to resolve the Google Play problem, the last method that you can try is the Factory Reset. But, it should be noted that this method will delete all data on your smartphone so it is recommended to backup all data first.

To do a Factory Reset select the Settings application, then find the Backup & Reset menu and select Factory Data Reset. After this process is complete, your smartphone will be like new again and the Google Play application will run normally without problems.

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