How to Make Instagram Not Slow

How to Make Instagram Not Slow

Beginning in June 2019, Instagram released a new feature that will help when loading Instagram photos faster in areas where the internet is slow.

So far, the Instagram feature is only available for Android users. Instagram claims this feature is also more efficient in consuming data.

If your Instagram is slow, you can do the steps below.

1. Open the Instagram application, then to the profile page
2. Tap three horizontal lines in the upper right corner
3. Enter ‘Settings’
4. Tap ‘Account’
5. Select ‘Cellular Data Use’, slide the button to activate Data Saver

This setting will prevent your Instagram account from playing videos and high resolution content. When this setting is activated, below is a choice of how your account displays high-resolution content.

How to Make Instagram Not Slow

There are three options, ‘WiFi Only’, ‘Cellular + WiFi’ even ‘Never’ which means there is no need to display high resolution content at all.

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