How to Learn Arabic Easily and Quickly

How to learn Arabic Easily and Quickly
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In addition to English which is an international language, one of the languages   that we are actually obliged to master is Arabic. For those of you who were born as Muslims or Muslims, knowing Arabic is very important. Because this language you will always meet and use every day. Starting from prayers when praying and other daily worship. Even the Muslim scriptures speak Arabic.

How important is mastering Arabic?

In addition to understanding the contents of the scriptures, Arabic is no less useful for other things. For example, if you are a businessman with a range in the Middle East, mastering Arabic is a must, right?

In addition, for other purposes such as wanting to go to the holy land, go to school, become laborers with the aim of the Middle East country. Mastering Arabic is mandatory for those of you who want to deepen the science of religion. For example, to become an expert in interpretation, to understand the hadiths, the science of Jurisprudence and study and explore the verses in the Holy Qur’an.

How to learn Arabic for beginners

Learning foreign languages   especially Arabic certainly requires a process. Starting from beginners until later you can master it. Especially for those of you who intend to learn Arabic, of course you must know step by step how to learn effectively. This is so that you can master Arabic correctly and quickly. Here’s how to learn Arabic for beginners that you can try:

  • Learn to understand Arabic words.
  • Learn to understand the distribution of isim in Arabic.
  • Learn to understand the number of mufidah (perfect sentences) in Arabic.
  • Understanding Mah’ful Bih in Arabic
  • Understanding Na’at and Man’ut in Arabic.

How to Learn Self-taught Arabic

If you want to learn Arabic quickly and easily, there are a number of things you need to take. In this sophisticated era, learning is not always through course institutions. Learning can also be done by self-taught through internet intermediaries, special Android applications, books and so on. So here’s the way you can do if you want to learn Arabic by self-taught:

  • Search for beginner Arabic subject matter on the internet
  • Learning through videos will make it easier for you to know your pronunciation and make it easier for you to practice speaking in Arabic
  • Look for communities that also have an interest in learning Arabic

5 Ways to Learn Arabic for Free

Well, if you are a beginner and want to speak Arabic easily and quickly, of course this is not impossible. As long as you know the strategy, you can also learn Arabic for free. Surely nothing is impossible if you are determined to study and study it right? Here’s how to learn Arabic free of charge that you can try:

Search and Learn Basic Arabic Vocabulary

Just like learning English, the most common things to learn are basic words. In Arabic words are common and are often used like knowing the meaning of objects that are around you. In addition, adding vocabulary that is widely applied in daily conversation also helps you master Arabic. To memepermudah find new vocabulary, of course you must have an Arabic dictionary.

Increase vocabulary memorization routinely

If you have mastered some vocabulary in Arabic, then aim to add new vocabulary every day. For example you are targeting to memorize 3 words every day, then you must be consistent and order to implement the target.

From the vocabulary that you have memorized, you can make it into a sentence that reads. For example, you have memorized the word ‘enter’, then make a simple sentence with the basic word ‘enter’. For example the sentence: “Ana yadkhulu ilal maktabah” or “I entered the library”.

Memorize Everyday Conversations

Easy tips for learning Arabic next is to multiply memorize common sentences. Simple conversations such as conversations to get acquainted, conversations in public vehicles, conversations to ask for news and so forth that are often applied in everyday conversation.

Learn to translate Arabic

If you encounter Arabic sentences, try to translate the sentences into Indonesian and vice versa. Translating Indonesian into Arabic can easily make you memorize and learn this language.

Besides translating, you can also practice your listening skills by watching lots of Arabic films. Another way is to listen murotal which contains reading the verses of the Koran. Because besides being trained by writing, listening and speaking exercises are also important in deepening your language skills.

Many Read Arabic Books

To improve your ability to learn, of course, must be balanced with consistent and continuous practice. To practice your language skills, you must increase your reading of Arabic books. To be more easily understood, you can choose Arabic books specifically designed for non-Arabs. Why? Of course, because these books are easier to understand and learn than ordinary Arabic books.

How to Learn Basic Arabic

Everyone who is proficient would have gone through the phase as a beginner, right? Likewise with you at this time. Even though you are still a beginner, if you continue to improve your skills, you can also reach an advanced level in Arabic. You can start learning basic Arabic in the following ways:

Begin Mastering Arabic Basic Letters

One of the first steps if you want to master Arabic is to recognize the basic letters first. You should practice reading Hijaiyah letters and pronounce them with the correct and correct pronunciation.

For Muslims who are fluent in reading the Koran, this is certainly not a big problem. But you also need to correct the pronunciation of letters correctly and correctly. One way is to review and re-learn the reading and pronunciation of hijaiyah letters.

For this purpose, you can also support it by watching a lot of videos on the internet or more easily, you can find a teacher or someone who is an expert to correct your reading.

Make Essays in Arabic

Frequently hone your vocabulary abilities and wealth so that it becomes smoother. One way is to make a long enough writing in the language you are learning. It’s simple, for example is a bouquet of stories about your daily life. Write it in Arabic although it still mixes with Indonesian occasionally. With a lot of making essays or long writing, little by little your skills will be honed.

3 Ways to Start Everyday Arabic Study Habits

Usually when they understand how to learn Arabic, the next thing to ask is how to get started. Well, this time you must know the tips to start the daily Arabic language habit:

Looking for Friends / Learning Partners One Passion

To be more enthusiastic about learning, you also need a friend who also has the same interests. In addition to being often invited to discuss and practice, friends will also make you more motivated and encouraged. You can enter into communities that focus on practicing Arabic either on social media or communities that may be around you.

Looking for a Teacher or Learning Mentor

In addition to self-taught learning through books or videos and the internet, there’s no harm in finding a teacher or tutor who can accompany you. With the companion learning, of course you will be directed ways or methods of effective learning. Studying with the experts can make this Arabic learning process easier. You can also find out where your mistakes are with the help of competent mentors in their fields.

Always Sharpen Your Ability 

The last tip is, do not give up and do not be easily satisfied with the skills you have learned at this time. Although you are quite proficient and understand in Arabic. Do not hesitate to continue learning and studying more about this language. Looking for new vocabulary to add insight is also needed.

Well, that’s just a few easy tips on learning Arabic for beginners. Be sure to apply the tips above in your daily habits, then slowly but surely, you will be proficient and fluent in learning this language.

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