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How to Fix the Xiaomi Smartphone Screen Flashing Red

Xiaomi Smartphone Screen Flashing Red

The screen flashes? That is the screen of the Xiaomi Smartphone that was hit by Flicker? eh it wasn’t. So what do you mean the flashing screen? For more details, please refer to the following tutorial on how to repair the Xiaomi Smartphone screen that blinks continuously without root.

This problem is where I got the Xiaomi Smartphone flashing screen from one of the Xiaomi group members. Where suddenly the screen on the Redmi Note 5 PRO flashes itself. So every time you touch your finger above the screen, including also sliding and entering a certain menu, the screen will blink and give off a reddish color. Surely this will make it uncomfortable. Not to mention the effect of the flashing screen makes some menus become somewhat difficult to access.

I myself tried it on the Xiaomi Mi5 Pro and the result was that the menu became rather difficult to explore. Well for those of you who are affected by problems like this, don’t panic. Especially until you have to bring it to the repairman. Because problems like this can be easily fixed anyway, not even needing root access at all. How, see the following:

1. Please enter the settings by selecting the gear icon or setting
2. After that enter the additional settings
3. Search for developer options
4. Then scroll the screen down until you find the “Update screen display” option
5. Please turn off the option to update the screen display earlier
6. Finish

Now the flashing screen will no longer appear, it’s back to normal. So for those of you who encounter problems like this don’t panic, don’t just play flashing, but keep in mind who is the last time to use your cellphone. Who knows there is a friend who is ignorant or accidentally accesses the menu.

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