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How to Fill Your Go-Pay Balance Through OVO Complete Guide With Pictures

How to Fill Your Go-Pay Balance Through OVO Complete Guide With Pictures
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For those who are accustomed to transferring ovo balance to GoPay, they already know how to go-pay through OVO, but for those who have never or just want to try, I certainly will be a little confused or doubtful because they do not know whether OVO balance can be sent to Go-Pay? Considering both are electronic money / digital wallets from 2 different companies.

But after reading the instructions on how to top up Gopay through a shared ATM, finally I can conclude that we can transfer from ovo to go-pay using a similar method when topping up the balance through a shared ATM through transfer to another bank and the bank used is PermataBank.

Then for the destination account number using the Go-Jek company code which is 898 followed by the mobile number registered on the Go-Jek application so the OVO transfer code to Gopay is 898 + mobile number for example 89808567711772.

So for those of you who want to top up your gopay via OVO, the way is to open the OVO application, then select the Transfer menu, then select the bank account, with the destination bank is Permata Bank, then enter the account number 898 and then go to your go-Jek mobile number.

How to fill Go-Pay through OVO?

Note, in order to send an OVO balance to Go-Pay, your OVO account must first upgrade to OVO Premier by uploading a KTP, but for gopay you do not need to verify the gopay account first because it will only accept, and the full steps can be seen in the following guide .

#1 – Open the OVO application then select the Transfer menu.

How to Fill Your Go-Pay Balance Through OVO Complete Guide With Pictures

#2 – Select To Bank Account.

How to Fill Your Go-Pay Balance Through OVO Complete Guide With Pictures

#3 – In the name of the destination bank select Permata Bank.

#4 – In the input account number 898 then follow with the cellphone number used on gopay for example 89808567711772.

#5 – Next enter the nominal transfer.

#6 – If all fields are filled in, select Continue

How to Fill Your Go-Pay Balance Through OVO Complete Guide With Pictures

#7 – Transfer confirmation will appear, so please double check whether the gopay phone number and nominal are correct or not, if correct, select the Transfer button.

#8 – For transfers with a nominal above 100,000 you will usually be asked to enter the OVO security code so please enter the OVO pin or security code then wait for the transaction to complete.

Once the ovo balance to gopay transfer process is complete, the money sent will go to the gopay account at that time and a notification will appear from the Go-Jek application as shown in the following figure.

What is the minimum content of GoPay via OVO?

At the time of writing, the minimum limit for OVO transfers to Go-Pay is 10,000 rupiah and is still free admin or free.

How Long do OVO Balances Go to Pay-Pay?

Based on several attempts, the balance sent to Go-Pay from OVO will enter immediately after the transaction is successful so there is no need to wait long.

How Do We Know OVO Transfers to Gopay Successful?

As I mentioned above a notification will appear in both the OVO and Go-Jek applications, but if you want to see more details then you can check in the Go-Jek application then select the Other menu – History or it can also be via the Inbox menu.

This is the guide on how to fill Go-Pay via OVO, which I can share based on personal experience, and the conclusion is top up gopay balance via OVO, the steps are almost the same as when transferring go-pay balances to a bank account, but the difference is here we choose Permata Bank as the destination bank and the account number is a combination of the Go-Jek company code and the mobile number registered in the Go-Jek application.

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