How to Download Youtube Videos via PCs and Smartphones

Confused when downloading videos from Youtube? It turns out that how to download Youtube videos is very easy. Youtube itself is a website where users allow to share, watch, and upload videos.

Youtube was created in 2005 by a former Paypal employee. Now Youtube is very developed where there are millions of users from all over the world. Millions of diverse video clips make Youtube one of the sites and also applications that open a lot every day. Users who have an account can upload an unlimited number of videos, while those who don’t have an account can watch or commonly called streaming.

For you who can use Youtube well, you will get the results. Like a successful Youtube channel get extra income through a Youtube account and the videos they upload. There are many entertainment lessons and videos that you can get on Youtube, especially the supported subtitle facilities make the audience want to download them so they can watch them repeatedly or as private collections.

For those of you who have the desire to download videos from Youtube, you can use the following easy tricks. Come see how to download the following youtube video

1. Download youtube videos using Savefrom
Savefrom is one of the Youtube video download applications, how to download it is quite easy, you just simply add “ss” to your youtube video link, for example “–Mon2iz-vc” then press enter .

After that you just select the video resolution that you want to download and finally click download. The second way is to visit the saveform site while opening Youtube. Look for the video that you want to download, copy the link and enter it in the place provided on the save page, press Enter.

2. How to download Youtube videos via iTubeGo

How to download Youtube videos via iTubeGo is actually the same as Savefrom, you just need to copy and paste the video link you want to download. Keepvid provides subtitle and audio only downloads. You can also download the Keepvid application on your smartphone.

  • Open the link
  • Open
  • Search for the video you want to download
  • Copy the youtube video link that you want to download
  • Paste the link to the place provided in keepvid
  • Click download or press enter
  • Select the video resolution you want to download

You just have to wait for your download to finish

3. TubeMate YouTube Downloader

By using the TubeMate YouTube Downloader application, of course you will easily have access to searching, sharing and downloading YouTube videos. You can download this application on the Play Store or search it on Google, many websites provide it

In fact, you are able to download more than one file at a time. Interesting huh?

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