How to Download FaceApp Pro to Remove Watermarks in Photos

Download FaceApp Pro to Remove Watermarks in Photos

Lately social media like Instagram and Twitter have been enlivened with edited faces to look older. Apparently, these photos are made using the FaceApp application, aka the old face application that is viral.

Applications made by Russian companies, Wireless Lab, can not only change a person’s face to be older, but can also be used to make faces in photos smile, look younger, try new hairstyles, even change the gender in the photo.

FaceApp can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Users can use this application for free on the first three days, and afterwards have to pay a subscription fee if you want to use all the features available.

But, because of this free download there is one drawback in the resulting photo which is the appearance of a watermark in a photo that says FaceApp. To get rid of the watermark it’s actually quite easy, you just need to make FaceApp become the Pro version. It’s easy and you can follow the instructions below.

– Download and install the FaceApp application on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store according to your smartphone. Then, open the application and accept the subscription offer. The cost of subscribing to FaceApp itself is quite cheap, starting at USD 3.99 per month or around Rp. 55,000.

– After subscribing and having the latest FaceApp Pro application you can use the application as usual. Press the camera button in the center of the screen. At this stage you can choose not to give the application access to the photo library, but only to the photo.

– Then take your selfie and press the ‘use button at the bottom. Then the filter options available will appear.

– One of the filters is ‘old’, which will change your face to be older.

– Or you can also choose the ‘young’ option, or it can also be a filter that can add skewers.

There is also a way to download FaceApp Pro for free without the need to subscribe by downloading the crack version of the APK. But, keep in mind that downloading apps from third party sites or app stores that are unclear and untrustworthy can make your smartphone vulnerable to malware infections.

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