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How to Check If Someone Saves Your Photos on Instagram

Check If Someone Saves Your Photos on Instagram
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For those who like to play Instagram, have you ever wondered if there are photos of your posts that are “saved” by followers? This is how to check it.

Before doing so, it should be remembered that there is actually no official way to store photos on Instagram. But there is a bookmark feature that can be used to “save”, or rather mark, a photo post that you like.

Well, the following method can make you check if there are your followers with photos of your posts.

First of all you have to do is change your Instagram account to a business profile. How to log in as usual, go to the profile page then tap on the third point in the right corner to enter the settings / settings page.

After that at the bottom there will be a switch to professional account option / switch to a business account. Activate it.

After changing into a business account, users are also allowed to access the “view insights / show insights” feature. For business users, this is certainly no stranger because in fact this feature is useful for checking certain levels of a user’s business.

To find out information about your photos or posts, the steps are as follows:

– Select the photo you want to check
– Select “view insights” under the photo
– Here you can see how many likes, comments, shares, and also the number of people who “save” posting certain photos.

From “view insights”, you can also see profile visits, total reach, impressions, and also engagement. However, Instagram has not been able to specifically specify the user who “saves” your photo.

If you want to go back to using a personal account, you can easily change it through settings> account> switch to personal account> switch back.

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