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How to Check Friends with the Most ‘Eat Memory’ WhatsApp

Every day we share messages with friends, one of them on WhatsApp. Without realizing it, it could be eaten storage memory because many files enter.

Well, for users of WhatsApp users, you can also check who the people in your contacts are the ones that fill most of the cellphone storage memory. The method is as follows.

– Open the WhatsApp application
– Go to ‘Settings’ or ‘Settings’
– Touch ‘Data and Storage Usage’ or ‘Data usage and storage’
– Enter ‘Storage Usage’ or ‘Storage Usage’
– A list of contacts will appear along with data on how much total storage is used.

From this list you can find out who sends the most large files, including the details. You can also delete all files directly by touching the contact on the list and selecting ‘free up space’.

If you are afraid of important files being deleted from your WhatsApp chat, you can sort them first such as deleting files via the WhatsApp media folder per contact in the gallery.

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