How to apply magnetic lashes with practical and easy

Magnetic Lashes

New trends using false eyelashes are now viral and are widely used by cosmetic lovers. How to use it is far easier compared to ordinary false eyelashes.

If previously many chose to use ordinary false eyelashes or do eyelashes extensions, then now a new choice of magnetic eyelashes seems to be more tempting. The reason is that using false eyelashes takes time and doing eyelashes extensions also needs treatment.

Magnetic false eyelashes do not need eyelash glue which might cause irritation.

Magnetic eyelashes are the same as normal false eyelashes, the difference is how they are used. If false eyelashes will stick with eyelash glue, then the magnetic lashes as the name suggests use a magnet to stick to the eye line.

These magnetic false eyelashes have the same shape as ordinary false eyelashes, which distinguishes only the presence of magnets that facilitate the application of eyelashes.

How to use the promised magnetic lashes is much more practical, and saves time than ordinary false eyelashes. Inside the package usually comes two layers of false eyelashes for each eye.

Place one magnetic lash over the original lashes, then pinch it with another layer of magnetic lashes from the bottom of the original lashes so that the three layers of lashes stick.

Even though the method of using magnetic eyelashes is easy, many claim that they don’t get the right results. Tips, choose the product of magnetic eyelashes that have the most natural strands and not too thick. Choose also that is not too long, and apply only at the tip of the outer eye to make the eyes look fresher.

In addition to how to use it easily, these magnetic false eyelashes can also be used repeatedly and the results look more natural and tidy. If usually in one box only contains two false eyelashes to be used on the left and right, then the magnetic false eyelashes contain four.

Each eyelash requires two layers of magnetic false eyelashes. How to use it by wrapping the original lashes between two false lashes. The magnets on each false eyelash will stick directly, so there is no need to use special glue.

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