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Fruits and Vegetables With Unique Shapes

Fruits and vegetables do have an important role in the health of our bodies. No wonder wherever you go you will see fruits and vegetables that are sold for sale in stalls, markets and even supermarkets. Fruits and vegetables are easy to find anywhere, even if you want to plant them yourself. But have you ever imagined if the fruits or vegetables you plant will have different forms than others?

In this world, it turns out there are fruits and vegetables that have a strange shape. Some of them are deliberately formed during the period of their growth and some are naturally formed. At this time Unique Blog will discuss fruits and vegetables that have a unique and funny form. What are you curious about? Let’s see the review !!

1. Watermelon Box


Japan is a very unique country. His greatness in science and technology is also very fascinating. Many other countries are inspired by this one country. The cleanliness of the city as well as its high civilization make this country very advanced in various aspects. Therefore, many discoveries were very brilliant and were discovered by Japanese children.

One of them is agriculture. One proof of the sophistication of agriculture in Japan is the creation of watermelon squares that became popular among fruit lovers, not only in the form of squares but Japan also created watermelon with a pyramid shape.

2. Watermelon with heart shape


Watermelon with heart shape is said by the Listverse to be the result of years of research by a farmer named Hiroichi Kimura. This research originated from Hiroichi’s desire to make watermelon with a unique form, because previously watermelon with box shape had been developed in Japan. Hiroichi also conducted various studies related to this watermelon cultivation, including in making watermelon molds. His hard work can now be enjoyed in a heart-shaped watermelon that also has a sweet taste.

only watermelon, in Japan you can also find lemons with heart shape. You can find lemons with this heart shape in Hiroshima Prefecture which is also known as the best lemon producer in Japan. To produce this lemon, farmers conduct research using special molds. Until now the lemon fruit is still being developed and increased production.

3. Lemon Heart Shaped


The next fruit is citrus fruit. If oranges are usually round, farmers in Japan have succeeded in modifying and making oranges in a pentagon shape. Amazingly, this pentagon-shaped orange fruit is the result of a study of three people who are members of the Hiduchi Tachibana Club. They say this orange is for students who will face college examinations in Yawatahama, Ehime.

4. Baby Pears


This one has a very amazing shape. Just look, the shape is similar to a baby’s face and this little monk is very outside the human mind. In addition to its amazing shape, this one pear also makes many people reluctant to eat it because it feels as if they feel sorry to cut it, what else to bite.

If the fruits have a unique shape because they are deliberately formed, then the following fruits and vegetables are indeed formed with a natural process without human intervention.

5. This lemon which has an elephant-like shape will make people not believe that it is authentic

6. It seems that the story of true love does not only occur in humans, it is proven because of the discovery of carrots that look like people hugging and reluctant to be separated

7. Pare fruit resembles a small bird, with a refreshing green color.

8. Apples that are accidentally shaped like a baby’s face

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