Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean Accepting Crime

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Hopefully this can answer questions from many people. We often ask others, What crimes can you not forgive at all?

We will know what the answer is

This is what is called or interpreted in acts without violence or ahimsa. Do not hate personally and do not think negatively towards that person. Forgive his behavior but as a social responsibility, we must warn the person.

This is the conversation of the Dalai Lama and Ekman

Ekman: “What is someone’s social responsibility when forgiving?”

Dalai Lhama: “Just as we forgive China (Tibetans are forced to live in exile because their country is colonized by China). It means trying to not negative feelings towards them. But that does not mean we accept their wrong behavior”

A criminal can be forgiven but if left to his evil deeds, he will repeat it to others again. Silence against his bad deeds is an agreement or support for his actions. He will dare to repeat his actions that harm others. He will think, God is forgiving, my actions must be forgiven. He who is merciful and forgiving must forgive my sins. This is a misguided thought that takes advantage of the forgiving and loving nature of God. But can he accept if someone else does something similar to him? If you don’t want to, don’t do something other people don’t want to do with them.

Forgiving is not the same as accepting the crime. If you accept evil means you yourself are evil. Same with those who are silent when they see evil. In this case he supports the crime. He also committed a crime.

A criminal who is forgiven, not aware. Instead he will get more violent. From small-scale criminals to high-class.

A patient person may forgive. But he must make an effort to stop the crime. He is aware that silence is the same as giving an opportunity to the villain to repeat his evil deeds towards others. This is what is called social responsibility. He did not hate the person, his actions to stop or warn of the bad deeds of the criminals were based on the purpose so that other people would not be the next victims. This means he supports so that other people also become victims of the criminals’ crimes.

After forgiving, you cannot and cannot accept evil. He must face with a cold head and inner calm. He must face in a polite manner satun. As far as possible not by violence. but if the criminal does not also understand polite and polite ways, then use the same language, violence. Because he only knows that one language, violence. That is the language he understands. He does not know polite language.

Just look at the people around us, even the president who is currently serving for the second time is only silent when he sees people who are well-disciplined. For various reasons he dodged. That is the authority of the police or the judiciary or any other institution. He is only looking for survivors for himself. He was not aware that his silence proved that he was a criminal.

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