Types of Fish Bringer Luck, Hockey, and Prosperity

Types of Fish Bringer Luck, Hockey, and Prosperity

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According to feng shui, there are several types of fish that can bring luck or luck, including koi fish, carp, dragon fish (palmas), arowana fish and fish chefs. But not necessarily those fish bring fortune. There are several provisions that must be done regarding how to maintain the fish. Koi fish must be kept as many as 9 tails, goldfish must be 8 tails consisting of 7 red tails and 1 black tail. Whereas the Palmas fish must be nurtured 9 of red-eyed albino type, and arowana fish should be kept only 1.
In addition, there is another type of fish that has advantages that are not inferior to the types of fish above, namely white catfish because this fish is believed to be able to resist the threat of black magic and other black magic. For this advantage to appear, the white catfish that are kept in the aquarium must be as much as 2 tails. Water turtles can also be a pet choice in the aquarium, maintaining a pair of turtles is believed to bring a long life and eternity for a life partner. Turtles are vehicles of the gods, symbolizing protection from evil spirits or bad luck.

When inserting fish or aquatic animals into the aquarium must also be considered. The best day is Friday Legion, the time is right at noon.

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